Jayco 1994 1008 SG Pop-up Tent Trailer for Sale [Sold July 2001].

Very Good Condition. Loaded! Has factory canoe/boat/bike rack setup, 16,000 BTU furnace (has kept trailer toasty warm with outside temperature 20 degrees), 3-way fridge (Gas, 12V, 110V), battery package (runs off own 12V battery or plugs into car), electrical hookup for external 110V AC connection, external water hookup or use internal water tank, awning, screen room (brand new and never used), privacy curtains, levels on all four sides to make setting up easier, stove and table can be inside or out, anti-sway bar hitch connection. Compact 10 foot box is easy to tow, but efficent design sleeps eight adults comfortably (or a larger army of kids). Front bed is King, rear is Queen. Others I think are double.

Purchased in 1996 from original owner. Used around 4-5 times a year, typically over several weekends. Wheel bearings last repacked in '97. Tires replaced in 2000. Trailer normally stored outside in Summar and inside in Winter.

Reason for selling? I upgraded to the bigger model [1997 1206] with hot & cold running water, a shower, larger fridge, and more storage space... (Postscript: I like the new unit; but if I did it again I'd get air conditioning and eliminate the surge breaks.)

Asking $3250 [got $3100], located in Nashua, NH. 603-888-5567 evenings (best time after 8pm). Email questions to morris@skip.net.

Trailer with canoes connected to car. Single propane tank in front.
External battery box in front of propane tank.

Other side showing entry door, awning (in case), and external storage access, spare tire on rear.

Close up of canoe rack. Third rail is for bike rack (takes a standard bike rack available from Jayco and
either Thule or Yamaka (I forget which).

View of setting up trailer. Setup takes about 10 minutes if you're in a hurry, can take 30 minutes if you go
easy. Or it can take forever if you load the interior with tons of stuff that you then have to move out of the
way to do anything.

Trailer setup for normal use (except for corner leveling jacks which weren't needed just to take pictures).

To setup the awning it just unrolls and the poles get put under it.

View with awning. Extra ropes not normally needed unless you have real strong winds. Screen room
(add-a-room) zips to awning and snaps to trailer side.

Interior view from front (King) bed looking over table at kitchen area, couch, and rear bed. All the tinted
shades are opened up for more light and let the breeze in.

Interior view from rear (Queen) bed showing eating area. Tinted shade in front of kitchen closed.

Same view with table and couch made up into beds. Privacy curtain for front bed partially closed, side
tinted shade in front of sink now open. Total of four beds large enough to sleep eight adults comfortably.
It takes only a minute or two to setup the beds.

Close-up of stove, sink, fridge, and furnace (lower left). Water tank is under sink. Freezer in fridge is small,
but keeps ice cream solid when running either under gas or electrical power.

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