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Home page for mem.


So who has time to create a home page?

Really, I'm an administrator here at MV Communications, which means that I get to work on the system more than I get to use it. :-) I am also a geezer.

You've almost reached the end of the web.

You can take a look at MV's home page, check my son Eric's site, visit Jon Arnold's "Incredible Brightness of Seeing" home theater page, or have a rum and coke (sorry, not available here). However, I can extend to you my guest book to view or to sign. You can read some completely unnecessary information about me. I also have a small (very!) photo album online.

This is where I live and this is what it's like outside:

Click for Manchester, New Hampshire Forecast

One or more entertaining or educational links.

Some pointers to ISP Associations

And to some rackmount computer cases

Since I know little about Microsoft products, I like to have some reference pointers handy.

Want your own personal home page? If you're a dialup user at MV Communications, you can use the 'homepage' command to create your very own. If you're an IP user, you can... oh heck, it's easier if you read about it here.

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