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(7 October 1999)
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What's New

(7 October 1999)
Miyazaki Manga Translations
Miyazaki Manga Translations

(29 August 1999)

Publication alert:  Books in English
on Princess Mononoke and Hayao Miyazaki are now available!

(7 October 1999)

The Annotated English Script is an unauthorized fan translation of Mononoke Hime.  The original work is copyright 1997 by Nibariki, Tokuma Shoten, and/or other appropriate copyright holders.

This script is intended for use with the Japanese import laserdisc or VHS video of Mononoke Hime.  I suggest that you read the script either before viewing the video, or between viewings, so that you can pay full attention to the artwork onscreen while you watch the movie.

In addition to an English translation, the script contains the original Japanese dialogue.  This is meant as a resource for those wanting to learn Japanese and/or increase their understanding of the movie, and to solicit corrections to the translation from readers knowledgeable in the Japanese language.

Go to the Annotated English Script Preface (7 October 1999)

Where is the Illustrated Script? (5 July 1999)

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