JMoonLight, a JAVA application which simulates the Moon,
including moon rise/set and phase, when used in
conjunction with the
X10 FireCracker
Copyright © 2001, Bill Esposito, All Rights Reserved.

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Comments and Feature Requests

JMoonLight is a program that calculates the rise and set of the moon for your Location, along with the moon's phase (intensity). JMoonLight then sends the appropriate commands to the X10 FireCracker to adjust your moon lamp to simulate the real moon.

What this means is that your tank inhabitants will experience a more natural night time. Some nights JMoonLight will simulate a full moon allowing your moon lamp to run at full intensity. Then as phase of the moon changes with the days, JMoonLight will decrease the intensity of your moon lamp accordingly. It also means that on some days the moon will not be visible at night, and on those nights your tank will be dark.

X10 Firecracker: The device which will actually control your moon lamp is the Firecracker. This little device requires that you connect it to a free serial port on your computer. Then, you plug your moon lamp into the included X10 Lamp Module. When JMoonLight sends the commands, the FireCracker will transmit those commands via your house wiring to the Lamp Module. The FireCracker costs $49 but if you click on any of the FireCracker links on this page, you will receive a $15 Gift Voucher good towards it's purchase (must be used within 7 days of receiving the voucher). The actual link for the FIreCracker is, but dont go there until after you've gotten your voucher or you will be charged full price.

The Program, JMoonLight

This version of JMoonLight was designed to run under a minimal JAVA environment, and because of that, there is no fancy bubble help or the like. Just this one simple display.

All you have to do is enter your Latitude and Longitude, the device number of your X10 Lamp Module,
and select the comport. That's it, JMoonLight will take care of the rest.

Don't forget to order a Firecracker through this link and receive $15 off your purchase.

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Copyright © 2001 , Bill Esposito.
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