Manon's Garden

I'm not an alternately ascetic and wildly romantic ex-stableboy... or a nosy little girl with gills and webbed feet... or a drunken cynic who puts all his faith in one man... but I play one on a MUSH. At least, I did at some point.

A MUSH is an online environment, best described to the uninitiated as a "chatroom with scenery". It's cooler than that, but if you want the technical explanation, ask your local search engine about "multi user shared hallucination". I never warmed to the kind of RPG that involves dice and massive tomes full of rules and regulations, but the freeform, "consent-based" type of RP found on many MUSHes suits me to a T.

I started RPing online lo these many moons ago on MUDs and Pern MUSHes, discovered Castle d'Image around 1996 and played primarily there for years; eventually left, and helped my friends Dessa and Laura launch AnkhParis, which now has its own site. These days, what RPing I do happens on instant messenger, due to peer pressure. :P


The Log Library
A veritable treasure trove of past adventures from various worlds. Opens in a new window.

Roleplaying Aids

The Character Questionnaire
A checklist of things that make a good character. Written for roleplayers, but handy for writers also

Printable Character Questionnaire
For those of you who like to keep notebooks for such things.

Fantasy Character Generator
Instantly generate short profiles for four different fantasy people. Useful for making NPCs.

French Character Generator
Same as above, but geared toward the Mizfit set.

Fantasy Place Name Generator
And yet more randomness! Names for villages and whatnot.


Most of this was written in PennMUSH of some variety; yes, just shut up. Feel free to gack it if you're even more inept than I am; it's all in text files for easy c&p'ing.

Flip a coin. Now made redundant by globals more often than not, but hell, here it is.

Alt Monitor
For those of us addicted to alternate characters. Keeps track of your alts and when they last logged in, which is nice if, like me, you're prone to getting idledested.

Wind Chimes
A pretty toy for your MUSH home. Purely ambiance.

Gazing Ball
Another pretty toy. It changes slightly every time you look at it.

A useful thing to put things in. Made because I hated having my inventory cluttered up with Stuff.

CDI Relics

I don't play the game anymore, but I keep these lists up in case they're of historical interest. No longer updated.

CDI: The Movie Cast List
Somebody asked who'd play your character in a movie. Everybody had an answer.

Prominent Families of Southcoast
Some background info on one of my primary characters' home territory.