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Prominent Families of Southcoast

More information on noble families of D'Image is located at Jeremiah's Archive. More information regarding a particular family can generally be obtained from one of the boldfaced characters, if still extant. Or by emailing me. Nicely.

Included are the Arnmores of Calliston; the Bennetts of Bennett's Cove; the Blanchards of Southcoast, Ghaistwynn and Roche Blanc; the Burnes; the Celestins of Silver River and Morival; the d'Ailennes of Violettebois; the de Cuirs de la Côte d'Mer; the de Verraines of Glass Lake; the du Jardinieres; the Fairfaxes of Westmoor; the Fairronnes; the Jourdains; the Renoux of Beau Mer; the Sovierys; and the Whykams.

This list is no longer updated.


Byron4247Boon companion of Morien Blanchard; killed in Strathclyde
Edgar?Second son, brother of Byron; later Baron Arnmore
Beatrice Hazel MillicentFebruary 4249Sister of Byron
Caroline?" "
Evan?Youngest son, Knight of the Unicorn
Emma?Sisters of Byron
Jessamine Margaret ElaineJune 4260Youngest daughter; removed to a cloister in Golden Downs
Alexsandr ArnmoreNovember 4257Half-brother of Byron et al.


Wilfred?Lord of Bennett's Cove
Etheria?Lady of Bennett's Cove
Gretchen EugeniaDecember 4260Daughter of Wilfred and Etheria; lady-in-waiting to Princess Victoria of Timiro


Thibault ? Deceased Count of Southcoast, married Estelle de Mauriel
Jehan Alain MariusJune 4244Elder son of Count Thibault; disappeared some years ago
Morien Thibault RomainApril 4247Younger son of Count Thibault, squire to Henry Burne; later Count; now Duke of Nebka in Timiro; married (1) Fantine Celestin, (2) Victoria Knight, (3) Christina Knight
Marguerite Helene CassildeJuly 4258Daughter of Count Thibault, later Countess upon Morien's marriage; married Geoffrey Dutton
Thibault Dimitri Marius4280Son of Morien and Victoria
Estelle Elizabeth Madeleine4282Daughter of Morien and Christina
Peter Jehan Tobias 4286 Son of Marguerite and Geoffrey
Isabella Danielle BeatriceAugust 4260Eldest daughter of Baron Merovech of Roche Blanc and Lady Letitia; later Baroness; niece of Thibault
Godfrey Laurence MichelNovember 4263Son of Baron Merovech, Knight of the Dragon; married Faydra Ekklasia; nephew of Thibault
Lauren Alicia Estelle4268Younger daughter of Baron Merovech; niece of Thibault
Justin Godfrey Ithius 4284 Son of Godfrey and Faydra
Elspeth4265Daughter of Michel (younger brother of Thibault and Merovech) and Lady Moira Leslie of Blue Tor; niece of Thibault
Rosemary Antonia MaegreonaMay 4269Daughter and only child of Alexander Blanchard and Antonia Belamont; niece of Thibault
Philippe Charles Auguste4260Son of Auguste Blanchard and his wife Lady Alicia; nephew of Thibault
Lisette Margarida Euphrasie?Daughter of Auguste and Alicia




Mathieu ? Lord of Silver River, married (1) Catherine de Minaure, (2) Madeleine Moore
Denis Raymond4245Elder son of Mathieu and Lady Catherine
Guillaume Mathieu4247Second son of Mathieu and Lady Catherine
Melisande Renee4249Daugher of Mathieu and Lady Catherine
Aubrey Thibault4251Son of Mathieu and Madeleine
Fantine Madeleine4254Daughter of Mathieu and Madeleine; married Morien Blanchard, later divorced on grounds of adultery
Gervase ? Lord of Morival, married Ariane de Verraine


Liliane Amalie MargauxOctober 4259Daughter and only child of Marcellin of Violettebois; friend of Marguerite Blanchard and Ariane de Verraine

de Cuir

Penelope Angelique MichelineDecember 4259Daughter and only child of Baron Alphonse and his second wife, ex-chambermaid Angelique du Jardiniere; formerly betrothed to Evan Arnmore

de Verraine

Gabriel Jehan ? Lord of Glass Lake; married Linette Crissier
Ariane CamillaApril 4256Eldest daughter of Gabriel and Linette; married Gervase Celestin of Morival; now widowed
Sophie Ginevra4259Second daughter of Gabriel and Linette; married Brandon Fairfax
Leonie Anastasia4260Third daughter of Gabriel and Linette
Merielle HortenseDecember 4263Youngest daughter of Gabriel and Linette; Lady Chamberlain to King Bradley
Damien Gabriel4265Only son of Gabriel and Linette, an admirer of Jessamine Arnmore

du Jardiniere

Veronica KathrynFebruary 4266Daughter of Xavier du Jardiniere, stablemaster, and Carlotta de Wynter, clothier; cousin to Penelope de Cuir


Edward GodfreyJanuary 4247 
Johanna NicoleAugust 4249 
Eleanor JosephineMarch 4252 
Brandon LionelSeptember 4255married Sophie de Verraine
Kezia MaryJuly 4257 
Rachel CallineDecember 4258 


Hélène  May 4258Daughter of Richard Fairronne; married a gentleman of Eastvale; formerly friend to Ariane de Verraine and Lily d'Ailenne.


Ophelia4257Lady companion to Marguerite Blanchard


Camigwen HannaNovember 4261Daughter of George, younger brother to Louis, and Lady Tobin Laste.
Charlesanna Georgette LuneAugust 4271Daughter of Baron Louis of Beau Mer and his wife Faline.


Matthias Reynard4256Son of Reynard Soviery, a silk merchant of Southport
Marina Carlotta4258Daughter of Reynard Soviery; former companion of Marguerite Blanchard and Lily d'Ailenne.


Alebard?Knight of the Dragon; died in Betica
Browen?Knight of the Dragon; vanished mysteriously
Devon?entered the priesthood
HarrisonApril 4260musician at the Court