Manon's Garden

Welcome to Manon's Garden.

Come on in. Excuse the mess; I keep this place about as neat as my bedroom, which is to say, not very. At least the decor is better.

This is my personal site, so it's mostly for me, although I do try to make it interesting for the rest of the world, else why put it up on the Web? It's gone through a lot of changes since I first began it back in nineteen ninety-something when animated GIFs were new and exciting. :) But then, so have I.

If I'm doing my job properly you should see a menu over to your left.

Mademoiselle is information about me. You may notice I'm distressingly frank about some things; this is partly due to my open and guileless nature, but mostly to the fact that I've been online since I was too young to think about privacy concerns, and by now there's no point trying to hide certain things.

Manuscript is my writing section. I do a lot of it, though not as much as I could wish. Some of it is fan fiction, which means that yes, I write about characters and stories that were somebody else's. If you have a problem with that, don't read it. There is also a lot of completely original work in there. Never say I'm not flexible.

Manifestations is mainly visual art, which is not my forte; I just do it for kicks and occasionally come up with something I think is worth sharing. There are also linkware graphics: web images and Paint Shop Pro tools that you can download and use if you need them.

Masquerade: I roleplay. Not the White Wolf dice-addict type as the title might imply, but freeform online RP. I used to do more of it; quite probably I'll do more in the future. In the meantime I have a small space for logs and RP aids.

Misère is not my gothic angst, but my deep and abiding obsession with Les Misérables. It's a large and unwieldy French novel, it's a highly successful stage musical, it's a slew of crappy-to-middling films, and it's a fandom. I love it dearly.

Miscellanea houses everything else: random humor, lists of stuff, found weirdness, and the all-important links page.

Main will take you back to this page, in case you get lost :)

This version of the site utilizes Cascading Style Sheets and judicious amounts of JavaScript. It has been built in Mozilla Firefox, and tested in Internet Explorer, Opera, and Netscape 4; it is legible in all of these browsers, and only ugly in the last. Hopefully it will not give you too much grief.