On behalf of the Staff and Committee, welcome to Troop 266. Meetings are held at Center School on Thursdays, from 7:30 p.m. until 9:00 p.m. Please bring a Notebook, pen or pencil, and your Scout Handbook to all Scout meetings.


During your time in scouts, you will be a member of a group of boys called a Patrol. You will be assigned to your Patrol at the first meeting and you will be under the direct leadership of a boy, like yourself, called a Patrol Leader.


Scouting has what is called a "chain of command". Whenever you have a problem within your patrol, you should first try to resolve it with your Patrol Leader. If that fails, you go on up the chain to the Senior Patrol Leader, then to the Assistant Scoutmaster, and finally the Scoutmaster. Your Parents are free to call the Scoutmaster, the Committee Chairperson, or any of the Adult Committee whenever they have any questions about the Troop.



The Scoutmaster works with the senior patrol leader and the patrol leaders who form the patrol leaders' council. This core group of boy leaders represent the patrols and plan and carry out the troop program. Whenever you have any questions about camp-outs, meetings, etc., call your Patrol Leader first. Do not get left out because you did not get the word.


During the year, the Troop goes on many events. These include Hikes, Camp-outs, District Camporees, Klondike Derby, and others which you will learn about later.


The official uniform of the Troop is a Scout Shirt, Scout Pants, and a Scout Belt. You are expected to wear this uniform to our regular meetings. Do not buy a neckerchief. You will receive your custom troop neckerchief when you reach the rank of Tenderfoot. Scout uniforms are available at the Council Store and certain clean used uniforms are available through the Troopís clothing bank. (If acquiring the full uniform constitutes a financial hardship, please contact the Scoutmaster or Committee Chair).


During your time in Scouts, you will see and hear many new terms and abbreviations that may confuse you. here is a partial list which may be of some help.


SPL Senior Patrol Leader (the real troop leader).

ASPL Assistant Senior Patrol Leader.

PLC Patrol Leaders Council

JASM Junior Assistant Scoutmaster

SCRIBE He keeps the Troop records (event reports).

QUARTERMASTER He takes care of the Troop Equipment.

LIBRARIAN He takes care of the Merit Badge Books.

HISTORIAN He maintains the Troop History (troop scrap book).

GUIDE He advises the new Scout Patrol.


TROOP FUND-RAISERS. During the year, the Troop holds various fund-raisers to cover the expenses for equipment replacement, repairs, etc. Attendance and parental participation are expected. Summer Camp fee is paid for by parents, aided by other fund-raising events that are run by the boys themselves. Aid is based on the boy's direct participation in the fund-raisers.




1. Scout Handbook (1st priority) to be brought to all meetings.

2. Notebook and pen or pencil also to be brought to all meetings.

3. Scout Uniform - BSA shirt, pants and belt are mandatory.

4. Rain gear for outdoor events during foul weather.

5. Warm boots for cold and/or wet weather.

6. Sleeping bag suitable for cold weather, rated to 0 degrees F or lower.

7. Mess kit including knife, fork, spoon, bowl, and cup.

8. Canteen (plastic water bottle is recommended).

9. Back Pack and hiking frame, that is sized to fit the boy.

10. You do not need a tent, these will be provided by the troop. A boy may use his own tent however.





Locations where you may purchase official scout equipment and camping gear:


Daniel Webster Council 571 Holt Ave., Manchester, NH

Bob's Scout Shop 513 Andover Street, Lawrence, MA

Eastern Mountain Sports Twice a year they have 20% off for BSA (Club Day)









1. Meetings will be held 7:30 - 9:00 on Thursday evenings at the Center School

Gymnasium. Please be on time for pickup! Meetings will not be held when school has been canceled or during school vacations.


2. Scouts must come into the gymnasium when dropped off and stay inside the

school until picked up. If a Scout leaves the meeting or any other Scout function early, the parents will be notified.


3. Transportation is the responsibility of the parents for all events. If other

arrangements are made, you will be notified.


4. Dues are $4.00 per month from September through June. This amounts to

$40.00 per year. It is discounted to $35.00 if paid before October 31. Webelos crossing over from the Pack pay only $25, as their first year is abbreviated. Please pay annually by check made out to "Boy Scout Troop 266" and mail it to the Treasurer. Dues pay for the Scout's registration, Boy's Life Magazine, badges, and other troop expenses.


5. Dues must be paid up in order to participate in advancement or any of the

Scouting events. If you have a problem, please contract the Treasurer or Scoutmaster.


6. Appropriate footwear must be worn on camp-outs and hikes.


7. Rain gear is required on all hikes and camp-outs.


8. Radios and tape players are not allowed on camp-outs.


9. Candles or open flames of any kind are not allowed.


10. Liquid fuel hand-warmers are not allowed.


11. Clothing to suit the weather must be worn, especially proper foot, head, ear, and

hand protection in cold weather.


12. Older Scouts are discouraged from bringing their own cars to overnight Scout

events and may be asked to leave their keys with the adult leader.


13. The use and or possession of an ax, bow saw or pocket knife will not be allowed

without a TOTINí CHIP. Sheath knives of any kind will not be allowed under any circumstances for scouts or adults and will be confiscated.


14. If you have a problem, feel free to go directly to the Scoutmaster or any of the

adult leaders.


15. The use of seat belts is required by each boy during transportation on all

Scouting activities.





When school is out or closed for any reason on a Thursday there will be no meeting that night. If there is a special event going on in the Gym on a meeting night, Scouts will be notified of the new meeting by the Patrol Leader or his representative.







1. Every Scout must have a permission slip on file with the Troop for each event. This gives the Troop authority to seek medical help when the Troop is away. Scouts will not be able to participate without one - NO EXCEPTIONS.


2. Scouts must have adequate rain gear and proper footwear to go on camp-outs.






  1. Boys must be dropped off (1 p.m. on Sunday) and picked up at 9 am on Saturday from Summer Camp.
  1. Camp fees must be paid on time.
  1. During the year, the boys will organize and run fund-raising programs with the committee’s help. The money will be split up among the boys who participate and held on account. Parents will make up the difference.
  1. Camperships are available if the Scout’s family has difficulty affording Summer Camp. See the Scoutmaster or Committee Chair to apply.






Boys who exhibit strong negative behaviors in the Troop, such as theft or assault, that are clearly inconsistent with the Scout Oath or Law are subject to restrictions and other disciplinary action by the Scoutmaster and/or Troop Committee. Three such incidents results in expulsion from the Troop. The details of this policy are given in the Troop By-Laws, available from the Troop Committee Chairperson.








Chris Cole

Committee Chairperson



Troop Committee Secretary


Willie Day



Mike Dow

Advancement Chairman


Debbie Kenyon

Committee Member


Ed Parsons



Norm Babineau



Keith Craun

Assistant Scoutmaster


Bob Tomer

Assistant Scoutmaster


John Foster

Assistant Scoutmaster


Mellissa Gould

E-mail Administrator


Steve Pierson

Assistant Scoutmaster


Frank Farmer

Assistant Scoutmaster


Jean Lederman

Assistant Scoutmaster


Charlene Antonakos

Chartered Organization (PTA)Rep.



Troop homepage:


*Please mail all checks for Dues, Camp, etc. to Willie.


Every troop needs a group of adults whose main job is to back up the Scoutmaster and help him run a good troop. They help with the advancement and outdoor programs. They handle the finances, work with parents and do whatever they can to help the Scoutmaster do his job. They raise the funds, keep the records, recruit other adults leaders, run the board of reviews and courts of honor and oversee troop communications. Basically, their two primary responsibilities are supporting the troop program and handling troop administration. Committee Meetings are held monthly on the third Tuesday at 7:30 p.m. at Center School. All parents are encouraged to attend. New ideas and suggestions are welcome. Parental involvement helps the Troop and the Boys. Contact Mike Holmes if you would like to attend.