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Life to Eagle
Life To Eagle 

Merit Badges

Advancement and Merit Badges
Eagle RankEagle RankEagle Rank

Daniel Webster Council


Merit Badge Counselor Merit Badge Counselor Merit Badge Counselor Merit Badge Counselor
American Business Mr. Swierad Crime Prevention Mr. Abruzese Indian Lore vacancy Railroading Mr. Cole
American Cultures vacancy
Cycling Mr. Joseph Insect Study vacancy Reading vacancy
American Heritage Mrs. Farmer
Dentistry Dr. Joseph Journalism vacancy Reptile & Amphibian Study vacancy
American Labor vacancy Disabilities Awareness vacancy Landscape Architecture vacancy Rifle Shooting vacancy
Animal Science vacancy
Dog Care Ms. Schipelliti Law vacancy Rowing Mr. Wilt
Archaeology vacancy Drafting Mr. Swierad Leatherwork vacancy Safety vacancy
Archery vacancy Electricity Mr. Swierad Lifesaving Mr. Garfield Salesmanship vacancy
Architecture Mr. Swierad Electronics vacancy Mammal Study vacancy Scholarship Ms. Schipelliti
Art Ms. Samsel Emergency Prep Dr. Northcutt Medicine vacancy Sculpture vacancy
Astronomy Mr. Jensen Energy Mr. Dreyfuss Metalwork vacancy Shotgun Shooting vacancy
Athletics vacancy Engineering Mr. Dreyfuss Model Design & Building vacancy Skating Mr. Dreyfuss
Automotive Maintenance Mr. Swierad Entrepreneurship vacancy Motorboating vacancy Small-Boat Sailing Mr. Smith
Aviation vacancy
Environmental Sci Mr. Garfield Music vacancy Snow Sports Mr. Laliberte
Backpacking Mr. Ostberg Family Life Ms. Pierson Nature vacancy Soil & Water Conservation vacancy
Basketry vacancy Farm Mechanics vacancy Nuclear Science vacancy Space Exploration vacancy
Bird Study vacancy Fingerprinting Mr. Abruzese Oceanography vacancy Sports vacancy
Bugling vacancy Fire Safety Mr. Specian Orienteering vacancy Stamp Collecting Ms. Schipelliti
Camping Mr. Ostberg First Aid Dr. Northcutt Painting Mr. Dreyfuss Surverying vacancy
Canoeing Mr. Ostberg Fish & Wildlife Mgt vacancy Personal Fitness Mr. Abruzese Swimming Mr. Garfield
Chemistry vacancy Fishing Mr. Garfield Personal Management Mr. Swierad Textile Ms. Sarnie
Cinematography Mr. Swierad Fly Fishing vacancy Pets Ms. Schipelliti Theater vacancy
Citizenship in the Com Mrs. Farmer Forestry vacancy Photography Mr. Swierad Traffic Safety vacancy
Citizenship in the Nation Mrs. Farmer Gardening Ms. Samsel Pioneering vacancy Truck Transportation vacancy
Citizenship in the World Mrs. Farmer Genealogy vacancy
Plant Science vacancy Veterinary Medicine vacancy
Climbing vacancy Geology vacancy Plumbing Mr. Dreyfuss Water Sports vacancy
Coin Collecting Mr. Raison Golf Mr. Swierad Pottery vacancy Weather vacancy
Collections Mr. Dreyfuss Graphic Arts vacancy Public Health vacancy Whitewater Mr. Ostberg
Communications Mr. Pierson Hiking Mr. Ostberg Public Speaking vacancy Wilderness Survival vacancy
Composite Materials vacancy Home Repairs Mr. Dreyfuss Pulp and Paper Mr. Jensen Wood Carving vacancy
Computers Mr. Dreyfuss Horsemanship vacancy Radio Ms. Schipelliti Woodwork Mr. Swierad
Cooking vacancy