NNEUUG plans for 1998

Mon, 26 Jan 1998 23:25:17 -0500

I've been seriously distracted from my normal routine lately, so I don't
have the whole-year proposal for the NNEUUG meeting calendar. Let's make
the January meeting a dinner and planning meeting. Meet this Thursday
(1/29/98) at Pizzeria Uno in Nashua. We'll stick with the 7:30 meeting
time, but come as early as 7:00 if you want to get your order in the oven.
Pizzeria Uno is at 304 Daniel Webster Highway South, near the Mall and
even nearer to Newbury Comics. It's a convenient site for all you DECies
who are contemplating your futures as PAQies. I'm sure that will be one of
our topics of discussion. (DIRECTIONS: Take either Exit 36 off US Route 3
in Tyngsborough, MA or Exit 1 off US Route 3 in South Nashua, NH and
head eastward on the connecting roads to the Daniel Webster Highway.
Follow the signs to The Mall and you'll see Pizzeria Uno up front, close
to the road.)

Mark your calendars for February 24th for our next meeting. Speakers are

One of the interesting UNIX-related events coming in 1998 is that the
worldwide LISA conference will be in Boston this year, in early
December. Your thoughts on possible tie-ins are solicited.
.................David Marston marston@coos.dartmouth.EDU