Attn Vermonters: E-mail list about technology issues

David Marston (
Mon, 17 Feb 1997 21:13:46 -0500

This just came my way and I know some NNEUUG members would be interested
in the types of topics this list intends to cover. Note that the VIP list
is maintained by a different program than majordomo, which is what we use.
The commands are very similar, though.
.................David Marston uunet!dartvax!coos!marston

VIP - An email discussion list for Vermont Information Policy

The Vermont Information Policy list serves as forum for discussing
information policy in the Vermont context. Issues range from computer and
electronic crime, access and equity, privacy and security, to the future
of a "Vermont" in the information society.

To subscribe to the VIP list --
send email to saying "sub vip Firstname Lastname"
(substituting your firstname and lastname in the above)

To post a message on the VIP list --
address email to
Compose the message subject and the message text, and then send as normal.

To sign-off the VIP list --
send email to saying "signoff vip"
(note that you don't include your firstname and lastname in the message)

For problems --
send email to
describe the problem and I'll try to fix it ...

Good luck !

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