New NNEUUG URL; please update your links

Wed, 26 Jun 1996 22:23:25 -0400

Dartmouth is reorganizing their WWW services and we have to change the
location of the NNEUUG home page in order to keep it going. For those who
tuned in late, NNEUUG was founded at Dartmouth in 1983, and Dartmouth
continues to (generously) provide us with our minimal infrastructure and
whatever degree of permanence we have attained. Here's the change:
Old URL was
New URL is
Simple enough, right? If your Web site has a link to ours, please change
it as indicated above.

Our next meetings are scheduled for July 31, August 29, and September 30.
If you have a meeting venue available in Manchester or Salem (NH), please
let me know. Details will be announced via this E-mail list as usual.
.................David Marston uunet!dartvax!coos!marston