Call for instructors in NH

Tue, 11 Jun 1996 00:07:09 -0400

Requests for Volunteers
for Providing Internet Training to NH Teachers

This summer, we are offering NH K-12 teachers, and others involved
in primary and secondary education (including city and school
librarians) free, hands-on courses in general use of the Internet.
(We will leave the education-specific content to future classes.)

Courses will be taught in July and August at Cabletron's Pease
facilities and any other facilities that are volunteered that have
computers and Internet access available to our students (teachers,
et al.).

At this time, we are seeking volunteers to teach the introductory
courses which will cover Internet stack and applications
installation for personal computers, as well as the fundamentals of
Internet access, Email, WWW, Usenet News and Email list use. We also have
a smaller need for more advanced courses to teach about server and router
configuration. Since there will be over 20 sections of classes, we have a
need for a large number of volunteers.

Volunteer instructors should have the ability to teach all of the
above fundamentals in an interactive setting within between 1 and 2
students per computer. We also have a need for teaching assistants
who have had some Internet experience.

If you are interested in working as either an instructor or an
assistant in these classes, please contact me via Email or phone.

Thanks you for your help.

Lee Rothstein

P.S. Whether or not you can volunteer for these positions, it would
be most helpful if you would post this message to other Email
users and to bulletin boards -- real or virtual. Thanks, again.

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