February NNEUUG meeting in South Portland

Mon, 19 Feb 1996 22:43:55 -0500

The next meeting of the Northern New England UNIX User Group (NNEUUG) will
occur at 7:30 PM on Wednesday, February 28, in South Portland, Maine. The
meeting will be hosted by National Semiconductor at 333 Western Avenue.

We will discuss changes in the world of UNIX as announced at the recent
UniForum conference: the new roles for SCO and H-P, the merger of OSF and
X/Open, etc. We'll also cover our usual Things Wanted, Announcements, Q&A,
and other permanent agenda items. There will be no smoking at the meeting.
Visitors will have to wear badges. There is no charge to attend, and your
product/service literature is welcome for our "Propaganda Table".

Western Avenue is part of Route 9. If coming from the west (NH, MA, VT,
and York County) or from inland Maine, take Exit 7 off the Maine Turnpike.
Immediately after going through the toll booth, take a right on the ramp
marked for the Maine Mall. At the end of this ramp, turn right, missing
a traffic light. Go 1.2 miles through the following lights:
1. The ramp back onto the Turnpike connector road
2. Where there's an Exxon station on the left
3. Where the cylindrical Sheraton Tara is on the left
4. Where Pizzeria Uno is on the right
5. Where House of Fabrics is on the right.
At the sixth light, you are at the junction with route 9. The Portland
Jetport entrance is 0.5 mile up on the left for those who are flying in.
Drivers, turn right, go 0.2 mile, and look for National Semi on the left.

If coming from coastal Maine on I-295, look for Exit 3 (marked for Route 9,
Westbrook St., Airport) and take that, turning right at the end of the ramp.
(The traffic light may be flashing or in full operation. Call it light #1.)
Go 0.8 miles, being careful to stay on Route 9 as street names change, and
as you cross Foden Road at the 4th light, start looking for National Semi
on the right. Note that the exit off I-295 is a "half exit": you can get
off I-295 southbound only, and only get onto I-295 northbound.
.................David Marston uunet!dartvax!coos!marston