Next NNEUUG meeting

Tue, 6 Feb 1996 06:39:19 -0500

The Northern New England UNIX User Group (NNEUUG) will meet on Wednesday,
February 28 (note: not the date we originally planned) at National
Semiconductor in South Portland, Maine. The meeting will be at our usual
7:30 PM starting time. The topic is not totally pinned down, but we will
definitely have post-UniForum commentary. Maybe we'll talk about which
presidential candidates support open systems and the Internet, as if we
could tell. More details later in the month.

Our January meeting was a rousing success, with about 200 people there
to see/hear Linus Torvalds. His English is fluent enough that he could
deliver lots of funny lines, and naturally the anti-Microsoft lines played
well to that particular crowd. Some of his humor comes from his modesty,
such as when he says "I think I'll be able to get a job after I graduate"!
.................David Marston uunet!dartvax!coos!marston