Flight of the Bumblee Bees - 2004

First, if you don't know about the Flight of the Bumblebees,
it's an annual QRP sprint sponsored by the Adventure Radio
Society. To be a bee, you must agree to hike, bike or
paddle to your operating position. Each bee is assigned a
number, and home-based operators try to work as many bees
as they can. This year's event was held during the worst
propagation conditions I have ever seen. But...

It was an amazing Flight of the Bumblebees. Before noon I tuned around
on 40, 30, 20 and 15 from home. I didn't hear a single signal! So I delayed
leaving. I listened at 1:00. There were signals. Bees buzzing. Only on the
QRP freqs. The rest was dead. Amazing. The tiny buzzing of bees was
being heard across the country. I packed up and left almost immediately.
I rode my bike into the Pemigewasset flood control area and reached the
site around 2:00. I put up an 80 foot dipole fed with 300 ohm ribbon between
two trees... a linden and an oak. The antenna was up about 30 feet. KD1JV's ATS2
and a ZM-2 tuner. Power from 8 AAs. I operated about 2 hours.
and worked 12 stations. Congrats go to Chris
N3XRV for pulling me out of the hive. He gave me a 229 but got the whole exchange!
WA9TZE never heard me although I could copy him pretty well. I worked Carter
N3AO twice. Once for the exchange and once later for fun. NK9G in WI was the
best DX. I did fine to North Carolina. I had a blast! To think of those signals
making it through deader than dead propagation. It's awesome. Here's the log.
Thanks to all.
Looking North from my operating position
Date            UTC             Freq    Call   Mode     My      His    Exchange
25 Jul-04 1830 14.06 W4ZV CW 339 559 NC 135
25 Jul-04 1840 14.06 WB4X CW 559 549 NC 218
25 Jul-04 1844 14.06 AA4XX CW 449 449 NC 120
25 Jul-04 1904 7.04 NK9G CW 559 559 WI 48
25 Jul-04 1914 7.0 W4ZV CW 559 559 NC 135
25 Jul-04 1917 7.04 N3AO CW 559 559 PA 133
25 Jul-04 1930 7.04 N3XRV CW 229 559 PA 5W
25 Jul-04 1944 7.04 N2CQ CW 559 559 NJ 86
25 Jul-04 1958 14.06 K1VP CW 559 559 NH 12
25 Jul-04 2012 7.04 K3ESE CW 559 559 MD 5W
25 Jul-04 2015 7.04 K1VP CW 339 559 NH 12
25 Jul-04 2034 7.04 W8VE CW 559 559 OH 5W