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-- 20 Mtr CW Marine Mobile on Hermit Lake 2006 --

-- 40 Mtr CW on Rattlesnake Mt. overlooking Squam Lake May 2003 --

-- Discovering the Ledges --

--DX from a Moving Train--

Wilderness area along Pemigewasset River where I often operate portable

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- Camping on Squam Lake 2008 -

-Fall ARCI Operating Position-

Articles and Pictures

        Sabbaday Falls  Hike to Sabaday Falls with Surprise QSO - October 2010

        Hike to Mountain Pond  Gold on Mountain Pond - October 2010

        Knox Mtn in October  Great Color and DX on Knox Mtn. - October 2010

        Ukraine from the Pemi  Perfect September Day on the Pemi - September 2010

        Early Fall on Knox Mtn  Finland and Belgium from Knox Mtn. - September 2010

        DX from Hill  Perfect Day in Hill Village - August 2010

        Shute Hill in August  DX and Blackberries from Shute Hill - August 2010

        The Pemi in August  Italy, Serbia and Lithuania from the Pemi - August 2010

         Along the Pemi  Early Summer DX from the Pemi - May 2010

        DX from the Pine Woods  Working Europe from the Pine Woods - May 2010

        Bald Ledge SSB  Hanz Works Europe SSB from Bald Ledge - March 2010

        Old Hill Village  Working Europe from Old Hill Village - March 2010

        Spring Trip to the Pemi  Working Turkey from the Pemigewasset - March 2010

        Knox Mtn in March  Early Spring QSO with W0RW/PM - March 2010

        Knox in the Snow  Ski Trip to Knox Mtn - January 2010

        Ice on Hermit Lake  Hermit Lake in February 2010

        The Woods in February  Germany and Spain from the Woods - February 2010

        DX with 5W SSB  Hanz works Switzerland and Croatia SSB from the snow

        Knox in November  November Hike to Knox Mtn - November 2009

        Dearborn Pond  Fall Hike to Dearborn Pond - October 2009

        Knox in October  October Trip to Knox Mountain - October 2009

        Pemi Outing  Quick Outing to the Pemi -  Sept 2009

        Fall on the Pemi  Fall on the Pemigewasset River - Sept 2009

        QRP Afield  QRP Afield Sept 2009

        Late Summer  3 Late Summer Outings... lots of color and DX - Sept 2009

        DX from the Pemigewasset  W1JSB and I work DX from the Pemi River - Sept 2009

        Finding Sky Pond  Venezuela from Bald Ledge - June 2009

        Radio from the Lake and the Trail  Hiking, Kayaking, and DX - May 2009

        All America CW from Knox Mtn  Uruguay and Greenland from Knox Mtn - May 2009

        Winter Ski to Knox Mountain  Snowy QRP Adventure  - January 2009      
        DX from a Fish Shack  Operating from Webster Lake - January 2009 
        Operating the Fall ARCI Contest  Fall Hike and Operating - October 2008

        Knox Mountain in the Fall  Two Fall Hikes to Knox Mountain - Oct 2008

        Camping on Squam Lake  Overnight on Moon Island on Squam Lake - June 2008

        QRP at Shaker Village  QRPTTF at Shaker Village in Canterbury 2008

        Spring on Knox Mountain  First Spring Hike to Knox Mountain 2008

        QRP on Ice  Working DX from Hermit Lake January 2008

        Ski Trip to Knox Cabin Winter QRP from the Cabin at Knox Pond

        Adventure on Squam Lake A Canoe Trip to Moon Island

       Magic Day in New Hampshire The Fall ARCI Contest 2007 in Full Color

        Fall Hike to the Ledges  Discovering the Ledges and some DX on a perfect fall day

        Working DX from a Moving Train Operating in the Caboose

         Merrimack River Trip Canoing the Merrimack River with AB1AV

        Field Day on the Lake Field Day 2006 /MM

        Flight of the Bumble Bees - 2006 A Hike to Knox Mountain

        Discovering a New Trail Always Bring Your Radio... to the bank.

        Kayak on Hermit Lake Marine Mobile on Hermit Lake

        Knox Mountain Hike A Hike to the Knox Mountain Cabin

        Morse Muff Cold Weather - Warm Hands for CW

        Snow Adventures Cross Country Ski / Radio Adventure

        DX from Frozen Lake Operating from Hermit Lake in February

        QRP on my Windowsill What You Can Do with Almost Nothing

Flight of the Bumble Bees - 2004 Photo and brief description
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Radio Magic Remembrance of Johnny Johnson W1JY
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This is a 40 meter Rock Mite.
300 mw CW