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New Building!

The Senior Activity Center is expanding! "Greatest Generation Campaign" Underway!
ииииии  Why expand? ииииии 

Artist's Rendering of New Building

Why is the center expanding? 

The current building has become over-crowded.  There are only five rooms to hold classes and activities, which means:

bulletScheduling more than 50 activities each week into the rooms is a nightmare.
bulletSeniors must stand in long lines waiting for the room for the next activity to become available.
bulletHealth screenings (which should be held in private) are sometimes held in  open space. 
bulletClasses are disrupted by the steady stream of people who have to cross through to the Round Again Shop.
bulletComputer instruction is held in a converted 8' x 12' storage room.
bulletTables are constantly being set up and torn down between activities.
bulletIt is not possible to add major new programs, even though the population of senior citizens in the Nashua area continues to increase.  (And this trend will  accelerate when the baby boomers retire.)

If you'd like to know more...

... call the office at 603 889-6155


Warning: this web site is not currently maintainedAll events listed here are intended as examples of Senior Activity  Center events, but may not be currently offered.  Prices may have changed since this site was updated.  Please obtain the Senior Activity Center newsletter for updated information, or call the center at 603 889-6155.