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Create a Brochure about Ancient China

For this project, your job is to teach next year's students the basics of the ancient Chinese civilization and to encourage them to learn more about the topics in your brochure.

Before beginning this project, you need to read the following web sites:

Great Wall of China

Chinese Inventions

Silk Road

Terra Cotta Army



Chinese Geography

Daily Life of the Ancient Chinese


Using the links on this website, the internet, and Microsoft Word  design a brochure about Ancient China.

1. Think of a creative title for your brochure. The front page of your brochure should have drawings and/or pictures and/or sayings that represent ancient China.

2. Create the three inside pages of your brochure.  They must contain information and drawings/pictures about your choice of three of the following topics:   The Great Wall, the Silk Road, the Terra Cotta Army, Daily Life of the Ancient Chinese, Confucius, Chinese Geography, or Chinese Inventions.

3. The fifth and last page of your brochure must have your Chinese Zodiac sign and the similarities/differences between your Zodiac characteristics and your own characteristics. Your first and last name should also be on the title page of the brochure. Your name may be in Chinese with an English translation. (Write your name in Chinese)

Each page of the brochure must have a title and a sentence/phrase that catches the reader's attention. For example, if you chose to create a page on the Terra Cotta Army, the title of the page would be The Terra Cotta Army. The catchy sentence might be as follows:

An Army That Never Marched!


You'll Find No Blisters on Their Feet Because They Never Marched!

 Each page of the brochure must have at least five facts about the topic. The information on each page may be typed in any style or size font as long as it is readable. Be sure to spell correctly and record accurate information!

Think of a creative way to display the information on the brochure. You may hand-draw pictures, get them from Internet, photocopy them from a book, or get them from a local travel agency. If you use Internet pictures, you might have to resize the picture, copy the re-sized picture, and paste it into Microsoft Word.


Here are more links to help you collect your information.

Everything to know about China  - This link is a great general resource

bulletDaily Life in Ancient China - this great site summarizes life in ancient China in an easy, simple format
bulletElectronic Passport to China - Mr. Dowling's great site will help you to understand China's rich history
bulletThe History of China includes a timeline
bulletChina History includes brief highlights of dynasties and some images
bulletWorld History: China a collection of links about Chinese history
bulletHistory 101: Ancient China maps, daily life, pictures and links
bulletStudy a Map of China (260K) in relation to its neighbors, and Its Provinces and Other Regions
bulletChinese maps this site has a collection of maps and geographical information about China
bulletChina Virtual Tours from ChinaVista
bulletSouth China by Bicycle a personal travelogue
bulletChina: The Inner Realm a ThinkQuest exploring China
bulletTake a Scenic Tour through China another ThinkQuest - many photos and images
bullet The Chinese Zodiac may offer you insights on yourself and people around you.

Don't forget to Google  any information you can't find.

Check out Google Images to get more pictures for your brochure.


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