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Freeman Hall Road       (603) 942-5171

Recycling Center Hours: Tuesday 11:00 AM - 7:00 PM, Wednesday through Saturday 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Landfill Hours: Tuesday 11:00 AM - 7:00 PM, Saturday 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM

This chart was approved by Don and Larry at the Nottingham New Hampshire Recycling Center. It was updated on June 25, 2001.

Beverage Cans Inside building beer/soda cans, small juice cans Pet food cans, tin cans, aluminum foil, and aerosol cans should go in the outside metal dumpster.
Metal Outside metal dumpster tin cans, aluminum foil, aerosol cans, scrap metal, lawn chairs, metal bottle caps Items must be mostly metal. If not sure, check with an attendant.
Glass Inside building glass bottles and jars, any color No metal lids/caps. There is a separate collection area for window glass.
Newspaper Inside building newspaper, newsprint paper  
Mixed paper Inside building office paper, junk mail, paperboard, cereal boxes, thin cardboard tubes, gift wrapping paper Envelopes and pasta boxes with plastic windows are OK. Keep newspaper and corrugated cardboard separate.
Corrugated cardboard Inside building corrugated cardboard from boxes, clean pizza boxes, brown kraft paper Paperboard should go with the mixed paper. Corrugated cardboard needs to be broken down into flat sheets no larger than 3 feet square.
Plastic Inside building natural #2 (colorless milk jugs, gallon water jugs), colored #2 (laundry detergent; keep motor oil bottles separate), #1 (soda, juice, water bottles), motor oil bottles (to be put on drain shelf) Plastic for recycling should be clean and dry. Remove caps. Flatten milk and water jugs.
Trash containing nonrecyclable materials Inside compactor chute   Trash must be in clear bags. This collection includes styrofoam.
Used motor oil Inside building - see attendant automotive motor oil Oil filters are also accepted. Contaminated oil (i.e. with water or antifreeze) is not accepted. Put used oil in clear, capped (preferably of the screw-on type) jugs. Write your name and telephone number on the jugs.
Car batteries Inside building - see attendant 12 volt lead-acid car batteries  
Propane tanks/ fire extinguishers Inside building - see attendant propane tanks under 20 lbs.  
Wood Separate pile in landfill area new/unpainted lumber, brush Keep branches and brush separate from leaves and lawn trimmings. Check with attendant if not sure.
Leaves & lawn trimmings Separate pile in landfill area leaves, grass, pine needles
Building debris Separate piles in landfill area insulation, treated/painted lumber, shingles, concrete See the landfill attendant for instructions.
Tires* Tire pile in landfill area car and truck tires No metal rims please. Auto tires $2; truck tires $10
Large appliances* Outside collection area $5: washers, dryers, water heaters, stoves
$10: freezers, refrigerators (remove doors), air conditioners, humidifiers, dehumidifiers
Check with recycling center personnel before leaving these items.
Furniture, etc.* Outside furniture dumpster rugs & linoleum, televisions, computers, upholstered furniture, cushions, old bedding, mattresses, boxsprings, padding, garden hose No wooden chairs in the furniture dumpster. Disposal fees for these items range from $5 - $15.

* Coupons are required to dispose of these items. Coupons may be purchased at the Selectmen's Office or at the Recycling Center. Coupons cost $2.00 (yellow) and $5.00 (purple). Fees are subject to change. See the recycling center personnel for a current fee list.

Recycling Center permits are required and are available at the Selectmen's Office at the Community Center. Selectmen's Office hours are Monday through Thursday from 8:30 AM to 3:30 PM and Friday from 8:30 AM to 12:30 PM.

Hazardous Waste:

Nottingham belongs to a hazardous waste Co-Op that provides disposal once a year, generally in the fall. Watch for notice. Sign up in the town offices (Selectmen's Office) is required and the service is free. Save these items for this disposal: oil-based paint, pesticides, creosote, driveway sealant, thermostats, waste fuels, cleaning products, etc. For hazardous waste disposal at other times, contact Turnkey in Rochester.

Keep in mind that we as a town pay by the ton to landfill our trash. By recycling as much as possible, we can reduce the amount of money we spend on waste disposal! For example, the town is currently able to sell some materials, such as corrugated cardboard. It makes little sense to pay to dispose of those materials when they can instead be a source of income.

The Nottingham Recycling Center is the oldest consecutively operating center in the nation. We began recycling in 1973 as an effort to reduce the cost of solid waste disposal to town residents, and the program has done just that. In order to continue our successful program, we rely on your compliance with the above guidelines. Don, Larry, and Joe from the Recycling Center thank you for your cooperation! Remember, everything has a place. If you have any questions about what to do with an item, please ask one of them. They are happy to provide assistance.

Nottingham, NH   June 2001
  This chart is a project of the Nottingham Recycling Team, a Community Profile Committee. If you have any comments or questions about this chart, or to get involved with the Nottingham Recycling Team, please contact Chris Hallett at hallec@mediaone.net. We would love to hear from you!