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Isabella J. Weildon, of Hartford. He is a general agent of the Charter Oak Life Insurance Company, of Hartford.


2974. Annie Clarissa, born May 17th, 1871, in Hartford, Conn.
2975. Mary Francis, born February 10th, 1873, in Hartford, Conn.

2839.                             Luzerne, Iowa.

EMELINE FRANCES HART, eldest daughter of Henry Hudson Hart, of Luzerne, Benton County, Iowa, and his wife, Martha Jane (Warnock), born October 11th, 1848, in Farmington, Fulton County, Ill.; married October 24th, 1872, near Luzerne, Iowa, George Reuben Folsom, son of Samuel, and his wife, Achsah, born May 23d, 1846, in Sandwich, Carrol County, N. H. He is a member of the society of Friends.

2857.                              Medina, N. Y.

HARRIET HART, Medina, N. Y., only child of Abraham Parmelee Hart, of Goshen, Conn., and subsequently of Elmira, Tioga County, N. Y., and his wife, Angeline (Badger), of Elmira, N. Y., born December 20th, 1840; married               , E. Morehouse, of Medina, N. Y.

2904.                          Richmond, Mass.

SARAH HART, only daughter of William Hart, of Norfolk, Conn., and his first wife, Elizabeth (Snyder), born November 22d, 1852, in Norfolk, Conn.; married October 21st, 1871, Hubert Harris, of Richmond, Mass. They had one child, Nellie Eliza, born May 18th, 1872.

2928.                          Plainville, Conn.

EDWARD HART, Plainville, Conn., second son of Edward Hart, of New Britain, Conn., and his wife, Viana (Perry), born October 8th, 1836, in New Britain; married October 8th, 1861, Jane Eliza, daughter of Ebenezer Webster, of Plainville, Conn., and his wife, Sarah Jane (Grimes), born November 11th, 1838, in Plainville. He was a carriage trimmer by trade and avocation. He was a most devoted Christian, and early joined the Congregational Church, but died prematurely of consumption, in Plainville, December 26th, 1865, aged 29 years, leaving a devoted wife and two children.

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