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Vesta (Curtiss), born December 1st, 1826, in Watertown, Washington County, Ohio; married in Harmar, Ohio, May 13th, 1844, Frederick Edwin Kemper, of Virginia, by birth. He is a farmer in Bantam, Ohio, about twenty-five miles from Cincinnati. They hadó1, Olive Orcott, born August 2d, 1848, married Albert Martin Palmer, a hard- ware merchant in Cleveland, Ohio, October, 1868; 2, Fayette M., born March 3d, 1851; 3, Lydia North, and 4, Mary Hart, twins; 5, Edwin Wilson, born October 19th, 1857; 6, Vesta Curtiss, born January 10th, 1862.

2756.                          Marietta, Ohio.

DOCTOR SAMUEL HART, Marietta, Ohio, eldest son of Dr. Seth Hart, of Harmar, Ohio, and his second wife, Mary (Wilson), born June 7th, 1830, in Watertown, Washington County, Ohio. He removed with his father's family to Marietta in 1837. He finished his course in the Academy in 1848, studied medicine with his father, and graduated at the Medical College of Cincinnati in 1852. He practiced medicine in Marietta until October, 1861, when he became surgeon of the Seventy- Fifth Regiment Ohio Volunteers, and served in it until February, 1863, when he was breveted lieutenant-colonel and surgeon of United States Volunteers. After the war closed he resumed medicine at Bellevue Hospital Medical College, taking the ad eundem degree in 1867. He has had a large professional business since in Marietta, Ohio. He married June 11th, 1856, Sarah Elizabeth, daughter of Ezra Purple, of Gill, Mass., and his wife, Clara, born March 14th, 1827, in Gill, Franklin County, Mass.


2962. Donald Purple, born October 12th, 1868, in Marietta, Ohio.

2757.                              Ironton, Ohio.

MARY WILSON HART, eldest daughter of Dr. Seth Hart, of Harmar, Ohio, and his second wife, Mary (Wilson), born November 26th, 1831, in Watertown, Ohio; married November 20th, 1870, James Hopkins Nixon, of Ironton, Ohio, born September 8th, 1834, in Lawrence County, Ohio. They were living in Ironton in 1874.

2758.                             Harmar, Ohio.

ROMAYN BECK HART, Harmar, Ohio, second son of Dr. Seth Hart, of the same town and County, and his second wife, Mary (Wilson), born November 30th, 1833, in Watertown, Ohio; married November 11th, 1856, Martha Eliza Metcalf, born in Cincinnati, September 22d, 1834-

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