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          William Goldsborough, born April 6th, 1870; died July 20th, 1870.
2936. Anna Smyth, born September 13th, 1872,
          Margaret Carrol, born October 17, 1875.
          S. Waldo, born march 14, 1877

2728.                        New Haven, Conn.

LOUISA HART, youngest daughter of Dr. Samuel Hart, of New Britain, and his wife, Orpha, daughter of James North, Esq., and his first wife, Rhoda (Judd), born October 5th, 1828, at New Britain; married December 1st, 1846, Rev. Jared B. Flagg, son of Henry C., of South Carolina, and his wife, Martha (Whiting), born June 16th, 1820. They lived in Brooklyn, N, Y. She died January 18th, 1867, in New Haven, aged 38. They hadó1, Charles Noel, born December 25th, 1848, in Brooklyn; 2, Jared, born February 26th, 1853, in New Haven; 3, Earnest, born February 6th, 1857, in Brooklyn; 4, Washington AIlston, born June 2d, 1860, in Brooklyn; 5, Louisa, born February 15th, 1862, in Brooklyn; 6, Rosalie, born November 9th, 1866, in New Haven.

2729.                          Hartford, Conn.

ARTEMAS ENSIGN HART, New Britain, Conn., only son of Jesse Hart, the blacksmith, of the same place, and his wife, Lucina (Cowdrey), born February 11th, 1812, in New Britain; married August 24th, 1836, Elizabeth Ann, daughter of Abel Clark, of Litchfield, Conn., now Morris, and his wife, Catharine (Eckerst), born December 7th, 1816, in Litchfield, now Morris, He is a jeweler by trade. He built the house on Washington Street, which was used as a parsonage for the Episcopal Church in 1874. He lived for a time in Newington, but was living in Hartford in 1874.


2937. Virginia Veeder, born August 1st, 1838; married November 4th, 1857, Henry Pember.
2938. Charles Richmond, born June 17th, 1840; married           , Ellen M. Woodruff.
2939. Artemas Elijah, born June 20th, 1842; married October 13th, 1865, Kate Litchfield.
          Lucina, born September 27th, 1844; died           , aged 1 year.
2940. Elizabeth Ann, born November 10th, 1846; married October 9tb, 1866, Charles Makin.
          Henry Lockwood, born November 19th, 1848; died August 27th, 1849, aged 9 months.
2941. Joseph Clark, born June 4th, 1850. He was living with his parents in Hartford in 1871.

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