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2722.                      New Britain, Conn.

SELAH HART, New Britain, second son of Selah Hart, Sr., of the same place, and his wife, Jemima, daughter of David Webster, born November 25th, 1808, in New Britain; married November 11th, 1829, before Rev. Dr. Cogswell, in New Britain, Sarah, daughter of Henry North, of New Britain, and his first wife, Sally (Coslett), born December 24th, 1811, in New Britain. He has been a manufacturer and merchant in New York and Philadelphia. The residence of this family has been in Philadelphia, although he spends much of his time on his farm in Hart Quarter, New Britain.


2930. Caroline E., born January 21st, 1832; married July 14th, 1852, S. B. Pratt.
2931. Julia Maria, born May 5th, 1834; died July 1st, 1853, aged 19 years.
2932. Katharine Harriet, born June 3d, 1840; married December 2d, 1864, William R. Buck, of Philadelphia.

2723.              Fort Abercrombie, Minn.

NELSON HART, New Britain, third son of Selah Hart, Sr., and his wife, Jemima (Webster), born November 25th, 1812, in New Britain; married October 8th, 1834, Lucy Jane Dewey, daughter of Josiah, Jr., and his wife, Betsey (Recor), born November 8th, 1816, in New Britain. In 1837 he went to Texas with that ill-fated colony from his native town. After some two years he went to Wisconsin, and at length located at Fort Abercrombie, Minn., where he and his son have spent some fifteen or twenty years in the government service, as commissary for the United States Army stationed there.


2933. Franklin Dewey, born August 8th, 1837, in New Britain.

2724.                        New Haven, Conn.

LURA ANN HART, eldest daughter of Selah Hart, Sr., of New Britain, and his wife, Jemima (Webster), born November 15th, 1816, in New Britain; married April 13th, 1837, in New Britain, Anson W. Francis, a carriage painter of Wethersfield and New Haven. She died February 20th, 1839, aged 22 years, leaving one child, Lura Ann, born July 14th, 1837. She is intelligent and pious, but was unfortunately lame in 1874, and is residing in Berlin.

2725.                            Saratoga, N. Y.

HARRIET HART, Saratoga, N. Y., youngest daughter of Selah Hart, Sr., of New Britain, and his wife, Jemima (Webster), born December

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