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—1, Eliza Maria, born July 21st, 1841; married August 25th, 1866, Henry F. Knapp, of New York, He graduated at Adrian, Mich., and was a teacher. 2, Minerva, born January 2d, 1843; married January 4th, 1864, Captain Henry H. Bush, of New York. 3, Mary, born September 15th, 1844; died July 19th, 1845, 4, Mary Page, born February 17th, 1848. 5, Samuel Frederick, born April 22d, 1851; married February 17th, 1872, Charlotte Rule. 6, Henry Hart, born March 19th, 1854. 7, Joel, born April 29th, 1856; died June 5th, 1857. 8, Alfred Clarence, born June 15th, 1858.

2541.                                  Toulon, Ill.

MARGARET FULLERTON HART, Toulon, Stark County, Ill., fifth daughter of Deacon Henry Hart, of Goshen, Conn., and his wife, Ann Elizabeth, daughter of Samuel D. Street, of Goshen, Conn., where she was born, February 9th, 1818; married , James M. Flint, son of Caleb P., and his wife, Sarah, born May 25th, 1816, at Methuen, Essex County, Mass. He is a farmer, at Toulon, Stark County, Ill. Their Children were—1, Emma A., born November 20th, 1853; 2, Lucretia M., born May 20th, 1855. They were all members of the Congregational Church.

2543.                              Luzerne, Iowa.

HENRY HUDSON HART, Luzerne, Benton County, Iowa; third son of Deacon Henry Hart, and his wife, Ann Elizabeth, daughter of Samuel D. Street, of Goshen, Conn., where he was born, June 14th, 1821; married December 8th, 1847, Martha Jane, daughter of Samuel and Mary Warnock, born January 8th, 1826, in Dearborn County, Ind. She is a member of the Congregational Church. He is a farmer in Luzerne, Benton County, Iowa.


2849. Emeline Frances, born October 11th, 1848; married October 24th, 1872, George Reuben Folsom.
2850. Charles Henry, born July 19th, 1850, at Farmington, Fulton County, Ill.
2851. Mary Ellen, born March 7th, 1853, at Whitefield, Marshall County, Ill.
2852. Chester Warnock, born May 22d, 1855, at Leroy, Bentori County, Iowa.
2853. Ann Elizabeth, born February 16th, 1867, at Leroy, Benton County, Iowa.
          Alice, born March 24th, 1869; died the same day.
2854. Frederic, born January 15th, 1860, at Leroy, Benton County, Iowa.
2855. Laura, born November 10th, 1861, at Leroy, Benton County, Iowa.
          Samuel, born October 13th, 1863; died the same day.
2856. Ernest, born May 18th, 1865, at Leroy, Benton County, Iowa.
2857. Winfred, born April 1st, 1867, at Leroy, Benton County, Iowa.

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