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2509.          Middletown, Hartford, Conn.

JOSEPH AUSTIN HART, Middletown, Conn., eldest son of Ferdinand Austin Hart, and his wife, Sarah (Cook), born April 2d, 1824, in Hartford, Conn.; married in 1844, Clarissa Hubbard, daughter of Sylvester, and his wife, Clarissa (Smith). He died July 11th, 1860, aged 36 years, 3 months, 9 days, and his widow was residing in Hartford in 1874.


2840. William Henry, born November 30th, 1844; married Isabella J. Weildon.
2841. Ferdinand Austin, born August 30th, 1846, in Middletown, Conn.; married December 10th, 1874, in Christ Church, Hartford, Conn., Miss Emma Tomlinson, of that city. He is an insurance agent.

2512Ż.                         Guilford, Conn.

WILLIAM HENRY HART, Guilford, Conn., eldest son of Colonel William Hart, of the same town, and his first wife, Lydia (Griffing), born November 28th, 1818, at Guilford, Conn.; married November 13th, 1842, Maria H. Griffing, daughter of William H. He died March 19th, 1851, aged 34 years.

2513.                       Middlefield, Conn.

CATHARINE ELIZABETH HART, Middlefield, Conn., fourth daughter of Colonel William Hart, of Guilford, Conn., and his second wife, Catharine (Starr), born May 9th, 1826, at Guilford, Conn.; married there January 30th, 1849, David Lyman, of Middlefield, a great farmer and an extensive manufacturer. He was the moving spirit in putting through the Air Line Railroad, which probably hastened his premature end. He died at his home, January 24th, 1871, aged 50 years. He was a man widely known and highly esteemed, and his death was greatly lamented. Their children wereŚMary Elizabeth, born December 2d, 1850; Harriet Augusta, born September 9th, 1852; William, born May 3d, 1854; Henry, born March 3d, 1856; Charles Elihu, born November 3d, 1857; John, born September 1st, 1860; James, born September 1st, 1862; Adaline, born September 24th, 1864; David, born April 6th, 1867.

2514.                           Guilford, Conn.

RICHARD EDWIN HART, Guilford, second son of Colonel William Hart, of Guilford, and his second wife, Catharine (Starr), born April 24th, 1828, in Guilford; married November 28th, 1854, Jane Sopor.

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