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2488.                              Elmira, N. Y.

ERASTUS PARMELEE HART, Esq., Elmira, Chemung County, N. Y., second son of Dr. Erastus Langdon Hart, of the same town, and his first wife, Mary (Parmelee), born May 6th, 1822, at Goshen, Conn.; married January 6th, 1846, at Havana, N. Y., Eliza Haight, born March 5th, 1825, at Canaan, N. Y. He is a lawyer.


2820. Emma, born October 22d, 1846; married January 12th, 1871, D. J. Scott.
2821. Erastus Langdon, born May 24th, 1851.
2822. Hattie, born April 14th, 1854, at Elmira, N. Y.

[ Erastus Langdon Hart (b 24 May 1851 Elmira NY, d 3 Feb 1923 Chicago) and Gertrude Laila Hinman (b 5 Dec 1850 Monroeton, PA, d 1 (31?) Oct 1930/31? in Chicago) were married 15 Jun 1870 in Nyack, NY. Gertrude's mother was a Langdon (Wealthea, b 27 Jul 1817, d Apr 1889, daughter of a Thomas Langdon). The only know child of Erastus Langdon Hart and Gertrude Laila Hinman is Harriet Langdon Hart who was born 28 Feb 1877 in Elmira, NY.

The Langdon family in Elmira, N.Y. were very well known. The most famous was probably Jarvis Langdon, whose daughter, Olivia, married Mark Twain. There was the Langdon residence downtown and a farm called Quarry Farm on East Hill where a "study" in a hexagon shape was built overlooking the Chemung Valley, Mark Twain wrote many of his books there. ]


MARY PARMELEE HART, fourth daughter of Dr. Erastus Langdon Hart, of Goshen, Conn., and Elmira, N. Y., and his first wife, Mary (Parmelee), of Goshen, Conn., born March 12th, 1825, at Elmira, Tioga County, N. Y.. and later Chemung County; married August 8th, 1843, at Elmira, N. Y., Henry Norton Partridge, born April 20th, 1820, at Norwich, Windsor County, Vt. He is a lumber merchant. Their children areó1, Henry F., born June 15th, 1844, died August 18th, 1848; 2, Julia Hart, born August 23d, 1846, married August 23d, 1869, Eugene Devin; 3, Hetty Few, born May 17th, 1848, died April 7th, 1849; 4, Robert, born August 10th, 1850, died October 12th, 1850; 5, Mary Parmelee, born October 10th, 1852; 6, Sarah Elizabeth, born July 8th, 1854; 7, Edward Langdon, born March 21st, 1856, died September 14th, 1859; 8, Charles Royal, born October 1st, 1859; 9, Samuel, born January 16th, 1861, died April 9th, 1861; 10, Louisa Loveland, born May 19th, 1862; 11, Florence Lee, born September 2d, 1868.

2491.                       Middletown, Conn.

ELIZABETH MILLER HART, Hartford, eldest daughter of Colonel Richard William Hart, of that city, and his wife, Elizabeth (Bull), of Newport, born June 26th, 1798, at Hartford; married December 22d, 1825, Rev. William Jarvis, son of Hezekiah, of Norwalk, Conn., born February 29th, 1796, and was eight years old before he had a birthday. He is a presbyter of the Protestant Episcopal Church, but having lost the use of his voice from bronchitis in the early years of his ministry, he has not been able to do any professional work for many years. His health in July, 1871, was very infirm. Of their nine children two sons

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