2239.                          Marietta, Ohio.

HENRY CONVERSE HART, Marietta, Ohio, only son of Deacon Benjamin Hart, and his second wife, Esther (Wilson), born March 4th, 1833, at Watertown, Ohio; married September 4th, 1860, Hannah Rood; born May 30th, 1829. They live near Marietta, Ohio, where he is a farmer.


2772. Seth Wilson, born August 17th, 1861.

[ The picture to the right is of Seth Hart. It is supplied by Sheri Siebold, who is descended from Elizabeth Louise Blancett Sharpnack (1843-1908), who is a daughter of Hannah Rood Blancett. Hannah Rood Blancett married Henry C. Hart as her second husband. ]

2240.                            Marietta, Ohio.

FRANCES ADELIA HART, youngest child of Deacon Benjamin Hart, and his third wife, Widow Rebecca (White) Lawrence, born August 10th, 1839, at Marietta, Ohio; married January 16th, 1868, John A. Plumer, born October 26th, 1833. He is a land surveyor, and lives at Marietta, Ohio. They have had—l, George McAllister, born February 5th, 1869; 2, William Simeon, born July 31st, 1870.

2251.                            Lexington, Ky.

CHARLOTTE HART, Lexington, Ky., third daughter of Major William Hart, of Marietta, Ohio, and his first wife, Sarah Waters (Wolcott), of Wethersfleld, Conn., born at Marietta, Ohio, in 1810; married there in 1833, James Price, of Kentucky. He was a farmer, who owned 1,000 acres of the best blue grass land in Clarke County, and some thirty negro servants, some of whom he inherited from his father, and some were bought with money like Abraham of old, “All of whom,” she writes me, “the best government in the world liberated without compensation, notwithstanding the constitution provides that no man is to be deprived of his property without due process of law.” He died February 14th, 1865, and has a beautiful monument at his grave in Winchester, Ky., where four of his sons were also buried, Mrs. Price is a lady of culture, intelligence, and discrimination, and has aided me in this work, for which she has my thanks. They had—1. John William, 2. Daniel Webster, 3. Austin Hart, 4. James Royal, 5. Samuel Harris, 6. Eliza Hart, 7. Camillus Hart, 8. Oliver Wolcott, 9. Charles Hart, 10. Charlotte Elizabeth.

2252.                         Parkersburg, Va.

HARRIET C. HART, fourth daughter of Major William Hart, of Marietta, Ohio, and his first wife, Sarah Waters (Wolcott), of Wethers-