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2751. Elizabeth, born August 28th, 1833.
2752. George, born July 26th, 1835; married, May, 1863, Sarah Parrot.
          Alonzo, born August 4th, 1837.
2753. Albert, born March 6th, 1839; married          , 1868, Anna Radcliff.
2754. Ellen, born December 9th, 1840; died April 5th, 1864, aged 23.
          Jane, born January 10th, 1844.
          Julia, born January 9th, 1849; died September 22d, 1851, aged 2 years.

2228.                            Harmar, Ohio.

DOCTOR SETH HART, Harmar, Washington County, Ohio, second son of Joel, of New Britain, Conn., and his wife, Lydia (North), of Berlin, Conn., born November 13th, 1804, at Berlin, Conn.; married at Meredith, N. Y., February 19th, 1825, Vesta Curtis, daughter of Bildad, and his wife, Thankful (Orcutt), born September 6th, 1805, at Plainfield, Mass.; died March 22d, 1827, when second he married June 7th, 1828, Mary Wilson, widow of Benjamin Converse, born in Waterford, Washington County, Ohio, to Deacon David Wilson, and his wife, Grovesnor, July 8th, 1798; died June 14th, 1863, when third he married October 22d, 1863, Emma Lewis Hiatt, who died February 16th, 1865, when fourth he married November 16th, 1870, Elizabeth Donover Marshall, the widow of Joseph L. Parker, of Marietta. They were living in Harmar, Washington County, Ohio, February, 1874, where he has been in the practice of medicine since 1825, most of the time for nearly fifty years, from which place he sent me, in 1872, a photograph of his eldest daughter holding in her arms his youngest daughter lacking only twenty-three days of being forty-six years difference in their ages.


2755. Vesta Curtiss, born December 1st, 1826; married May 13th, 1844, Frederick Edwin Kemper, of Walnut Hills.


2756. Samuel, born June 7th, 1830; married          , Sarah Elizabeth Purple.
2757. Mary Wilson, born November 26th, 1831; married November 20th, 1870, James Hopkins Nixon, of Ironton, Ohio.
2758. Romayn Beck, born November 30th, 1833; married November 11th, 1856, Martha Eliza Metcalf.
2759. Henry Lyman, twin, born October 10th, 1835; married September 21st, 1858, Lucy Wolcott Deming.
2760. Samuel Manson, twin, born October 10th, 1835;
2761. David Wilson, born March 26th, 1838; married December 23d, 1865, Marian Adalade Cox.
2762. Lydia North, born August 30th, 1840. She was single, March, 1874, and was a teacher.
2763. Minnehaha Grace, born November 8th, 1872, at Harmar, Ohio.

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