was educated a druggist in Hartford, went south, and died in Raleigh, N. C., July 26th, 1825, aged 25 years.

2215.                   North Haven, Conn.

DOCTOR HENRY ABIJAH HART, New Britain, Conn., second son of Abijah Hart, of the same town, and his first wife, Anna (Hall), daughter of Captain Giles, of Middletown, born August 9th, 1805, at New Britain. He studied medicine, and took the degree of M. D. at Yale Medical College in 1826. He married April 24th, 1827, Eliza, second daughter of Joseph Shipman, of New Britain, and his wife, Mary (Lee), born February 18th, 1807. He located in North Haven, Conn., as a physician, where he gave promise of skill and success, but was soon prostrated with typhus fever, of which he died March 24th, 1828, aged 22 years, and was buried in New Britain Cemetery, where a tombstone has been erected to his memory. His widow second married February 22d, 1837, David Martin, M. D., of Springfield, N. J., who died March 24th, 1838, when third she married March 13th, 1839, Major Sandford Brown, of New Hartford, who died September 16th, 1857, aged 65. He was a man of great executive force, having built roads and bridges in the south, and constructed the big dam for the Green Woods Company. Dr. Martin was an eminent physician and counselor in New Jersey. The wife of these three prominent men was talented, pious, and benevolent. In early life she was a teacher in public and private schools, and was the first pioneer of the infant class in the New Britain Sunday School. She died at New Hartford, Conn., of cancer, July 8th, 1866, aged 59, leaving one son by her first husband, and a son and daughter by her third husband, viz: Hubert Sanford, born March 28th, 1840, and Ellen Elvira, born June 10th, 1843.


2749. Henry Abijah, born November 13th, 1828; at New Britain; married Josephine Estella Essex.

2216.                                        Texas.

SAMUEL MANSFIELD HART, New Britain, youngest son of Abijah Hart, of the same town, and his wife, Anna, daughter of Captain Giles Hall, of Middletown, Conn., born August 30th, 1807, at New Britain. He was a brass founder by trade, which he learned of Deacon Chauncey Cornwall, but afterwards became a farmer. In 1837 he went to Texas with a colony from New Britain and New York, and while prospecting near Austin, was killed by a poisoned arrow from the bow of an Indian, and died in 1838, aged 30 years. He was single.