2212.                       Farmington, Conn.

JULIA ANN HART, New Britain, Conn., eldest daughter of Abijah, and his wife, Anna (Hall), born September 1st, 1795, at Middletown, Conn.; married December 16th, 1818, Seth Lewis, son of Phineas, of Farmington. He died at Farmington, December 19th, 1833, aged 68 years, when second she married September 27th, 1838, Mr. Oakley, of Pennsylvania. He died, when third she married December 27th, 1842, Samuel Hull, of Candor, N. Y. She was admitted to the Congregational Church at Farmington, August 9th, 1821, and from there to New Britain by letter, April 5th, 1835, and from New Britain to Pennsylvania. She was intelligent and attractive, experienced various vicissitudes of life, and died of dropsy, at Candor, N. Y., August 22d, 1859, aged 63 years. Her children, all by her first husband, wereŚ 1, John Sedgwick, born September 27th, 1824, married December 10th, 1851, Harriet Alden, of Mich.; 2, Thomas Norton, born March 27th, 1827, married April 27th, 1853, Mary F. Lake; 3, Henry Hart, born June 13th, 1829, married March 10th, 1852, Mary Chaine; 4, William Hall, born May 22d, 1831, and went to California.

2213.                       New Britain, Conn.

CAROLINE BIRD HART, New Britain, Conn., second daughter of Abijah, of the same place, and his first wife, Anna (Hall), daughter of Captain Giles, of Middletown, born April 15th, 1798, in New York City; married December 16th, 1818, before Rev. Newton Skinner, pastor, Alfred Andrews, eldest son of Ezekiel, and his first wife, Roxana Hinsdale, daughter of Elijah, born October 16th, 1797, at New Britain. He was a teacher, mechanic, and farmer, and is sometimes called the historian of the town. They were admitted to the Congregational Church, August, 1821. She bore two daughters, viz: 1, Julia Ann, born November 15th, 1819, and is single in 1875; 2, Caroline Hart, born December 4th, 1822, married January 21st, 1852, Elisha B. Bridgman, then of Beichertown, Mass., but now of Boston, Mass. Mrs. Andrews died August 22d, 1823, of spotted fever, aged 25 years. She was intelligent and reflective, and taught school before marriage.

[ Alfred Andrews was also the author of this book. ]

2214.                          Hartford, Conn.

THOMAS GILES HART, New Britain, eldest son of Abijah, of the same place, and his first wife, Anna (Hall), daughter of Captain Giles, of Middletown, born December 2d, 1800. He was never married. He