2729. Artemas Ensign, born February 11th, 1812; married August 24th, 1836, Elizabeth Ann Clark.
2730. Lucina, born December 3d, 1821; married October 29th, 1850, John H. Goodwin, of Hartford.

2197.                                  Troy, N.Y.

JONATHAN HART, New Britain, Conn., fifth son of Deacon Elijah Hart, of the same place, and his wife, Anna, daughter of Hezekiah Andrews, born February 20th, 1792, at New Britain. He became a member of the Congregational Church, August 5th, 1821. He was never married. He traveled through the south and became dissipated, but returned to West Troy, N. Y., where he acted as magistrate and judge of the police court many years. He died there March 4th, 1863. Nature had lavished on him largely in body and mind few more favored.


NORMAN HART, New Britain, sixth son of Deacon Elijah Hart, of the same place, and his wife, Anna, daughter of Hezekiah Andrews, born August 5th, 1794, at New Britain; married September 8th, 1818, Minerva, daughter of Thomas Lee, Esq., of New Britain, and his wife, Electa (Riley), born April 22d, 1798, at New Britain. He waa a cloth dresser by trade, and resided near Hartís Mills, in the south part of the city, where he carried on wool carding and cloth dressing many years. In 1851 he sold his mill and residence, and built at the foot of Dublin Hill, in New Britain, which place he sold, and he was residing on Walnut Street in 1874. She became a member of the Congregational Church, April 4th, 1813, and he became a member, April 2d, 1843, and was chosen deacon, September 21st, 1843.

From a Newspaper.

ďThe golden wedding of Deacon Norman Hart and Mrs. Minerva Lee Hart was observed at their residence in New Britain, Conn., on the 8th day of August, 1868. There were present nine persons who were at the wedding fifty years ago, two of whom were brides-maids, and one was groomsman. There were also present the children of Rev. Burdett Hart and Norman Lee Hart, of Philadelphia, and their wives, and Mrs. Ellen H. Wells, of New Britain, and all the grandchildren. For fifty years there had been no death in this family of Deacon Hart. He is the sole survivor of his fatherís family. An appropriate address was made by Rev. Mr. Perrin, pastor of the First Church in New Britain. Also an address, largely historical, was made by Deacon