2724. Lura Ann, born November 15th, 1816; married April 13th, 1837; Anson W. Francis.
2725. Harriet, born December 10th, 1821; married October , 1835, Cary B Moon.

2195.                         New Britain, Conn.

DOCTOR SAMUEL HART, New Britain, third son of Deacon Elijah Hart, of the same place, and his wife, Anna, daughter of Hezekiah Andrews, born April 7th, 1786, at New Britain; married March 18th, 1812, Orpha, daughter of James North, Esq., and his wife, Rhoda. (Judd), born August 12th, 1793. She was baptized and united with the Congregational Church, February 2d, 1812. She was an ardent and exemplary Christian, and died January 12th, 1847, aged 53 years. He was the principal physician of the town for many years, and was an active and laborious man. He built his house on the west side of Central Park. He was successful in farming as well as medicine. He was of slender form and constitution, and for many of his last years was unable to walk, on account of rheumatic affection or paralysis, yet retained his mental faculties in full. He was an early subject of divine grace, and joined the Congregational Church, October, 1802, and in 1842 was one of the constituent members of the South Church. He died June 2 0th, 1863, aged 77 years.


          Anna, born September 9th, 1813; died July 23d, 1819, aged 6 years.
          Samuel B., born September 23d, 1818; died October 10th, 1818, aged 17 days.
2726. Lucinda Andrews, born August 30th, 1820; married April 27th, 1842, William H. Smith.
2727. Samuel Waldo, born May 22d, 1825; married October 22d, 1851, Cordelia M. Smith.
2728. Louisa, born October 5th, 1828; married December 1st, 1846, Rev. Jared B. Flagg.

2196.                        New Britain, Conn.

JESSE HART, New Britain, Conn., fourth son of Deacon Elijah Hart, of the same parish, of Berlin then, and his wife, Anna, daughter of Hezekiah Andrews, born April 20th, 1789, at New Britain; married April 5th, 1810, Lucina, daughter of Asa Cowdry, of Hartland, Conn., and his wife, Abigail (Ensign), born September 17th, 1788. She united with the Congregational Church, March 17th, 1816, and he united October 3d, 1819. He was a blacksmith by trade, which he learned of Orrin Lee, in Hartland. His shop stood where the Baptist Church now stands, and his house is the one next west of the: bank, which was in good condition in 1874. He died in New Britain, February 21st, 1825, aged 36 years.