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2010.                         Colebrook, Conn.

TRUMAN HART, Colebrook, Conn., eldest son of Titus, of the same town, and his wife, Lucy (Johnson), born November 23d, 1785; married, April, 1812, Polly Spencer, daughter of Amos, of New Hartford, and his wife, Millicent (Sanford), born May 29th, 1786, at Torrington. He died August 16th, 1867, aged 79 years. She was living, in 1873, at Colebrook, with her daughter, Mrs. Augusta Barnard.


          Child, born October 5th, 1813; died October 11th, 1813.
2579. Eliza Lucy, born November 17th, 1814; married, November, 1836, Abner Wilcox.
2580. Albert S., born May 3d, 1820; married            , 1842, Maria Gaylord.
2581. Louisa Jane, born September 30th, 1817; married March 24th, 1841, Austin A. Spaulding.
2582. Augusta C., born August 18th, 1822; married November 17th, 1850, Nelson Barnard.
2583. Jerusha, born
2584. Phebe, born
2585. Miles S., born October 1st, 1827. He was living in Oregon in 1873.

2011.                         Colebrook, Conn.

MARY JOHNSON HART, Colebrook, Conn., eldest daughter of Titus Hart, of the same town, and his wife, Lucy (Johnson), born July 17th, 1788, in Litchfield, Conn.; married            , James Gillett, of Hartland, Conn. She was living, in 1872, at Cheshire Corners, Ontario County, N. Y., in her 85th year.

2013.                                   Kentucky.

LEWIS HART, Kentucky, second son of Titus Hart, of Colebrook, and his wife, Lucy (Johnson), born September 30th, 1793, at Colebrook; married November 1st, 1815, at Colebrook, Persis Swift, daughter of Deacon William, and his wife, Almira (Butrick), born February 20th, 1796, at Goshen, Conn. He joined the church in Colebrook. He has lived in Ohio, and in Lexington and Green, Ky. He first located at Winchester, Conn., and lived there until June, 1838, when he emigrated to Pennfield, Ohio, with all his family, except the eldest daughter, who was married. His wife died June 23d, 1855, aged 59 years, when second he married October 29th, 1861, Almira B. Swift, sister of his first wife. He died November 29th, 1866, aged 73.


2586. Almira, born October 23d, 1816; married March 30th, 1836, Lewis Barnard.
2587. William, born September 12th, 1819; married, April, 1841, Harriet Smith.

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