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February 21st, 1765, at New Britain; married March 3d, 1785, Robert Cornwall, of Berlin, son of Captain Timothy, of Middletown, and his wife, Mary (Warner), born August 30th, 1757. He was a cooper by trade, and lived in Hart Quarter, New Britain. The house was in good condition in 1873, and was owned by Charles L. Baldwin. Mr. Cornwall kept a tavern there after the Middletown Turnpike was built. He and his wife were admitted to the church, April 20th, 1800. He died October 5th, 1819, aged 62 years. She died September 15th, 1846, aged 81 years. They hadó1, Sarah Gilbert, born June 2d, 1786, married October 1st, 1812, Erastus Storrs; 2, Robert, born October 7th, 1788, died August 30th, 1798, aged 10 years; 3, George, born November 7th, 1791, married August 24th, 1815, Hannah Hooker, daughter of William; 4, Chauncey, born September 22d, 1.791, married July 15th, 1819, Mary Coslett; 5, Mary, born July 12th, 1798, married April 4th, 1816, Moses W. Beckley; 6, Robert, born August 16th, 1801, died single March 21st, 1839; 7, Julia Ann, born February 16th, 1804, married October 3d, 1821, Harvey Dunham, Jr., of Southington.

1899.                         New Britain, Conn.

OZIAS HART, New Britain, third son of Deacon Elijah Hart, of Kensington and New Britain, and his wife, Sarah (Gilbert), born August 8th, 1768, at New Britain; married                       , Sarah, daughter of Deacon John Lee, of Worthington Society, Conn., and his wife, Sarah (Cole), and granddaughter of Deacon Jonathan Lee, the blacksmith of Great Swamp Society, baptized August 16th, 1761. Mr. Hart was a farmer, but he built and ran a saw-mill on the north branch of the Mattabesett River, at the south end of the parish. The house where he lived was owned by Frederic North in 1873. He died February 6th, 1845, aged 77. His wife died October 19th, 1829, at Holland Patent, in New York.


2209. Ozias, born December 9th, 1793; married November 15th, 1816, Pamela Baggs.
          John Lee, born           ; died in infancy.
          Emily, born           ; baptized April 1st, 1798; died April 3d, 1813, aged 15 years.
2210. Otis, born, February, 1800; died July 1st, 1819, aged 19 years.
          Sarah Cole, born           ; baptized April 3d, 1803; died January 12th, 1804, aged 1 year and 1 month.
2211. Sarah Cole, born March 27th, 1805. She was living single at New Britain in 1874, and was a dress-maker.
          Eliza Ann, born           , 1808; baptized April 21st, 1808; died May 8th, 1808, aged 3 months.

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