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2197. Jonathan, born February 20th, 1792; died March 4th, 1863, aged 71.
2198. Norman, born August 5th, 1794; married September 8th, 1818, Minerva Lee.
          Anna, born December 5th, 1796; died young.
2199. Ira, born July 22d, 1798; married May 3d, 1820, Orpha Hart.
          Anna, born November 17th, 1801; died August 8th, 1807, aged 6 years.
2200. Elijah, born September 11th, 1804; married March 15th, 1826, Louisa Warner.

1897.                     New Britain, Conn.

AARON HART, New Britain, Conn., second son of Deacon Elijah Hart, of Kensington and New Britain, and his wife, Sarah (Gilbert), born October 16th, 1761, at New Britain; married March 4th, 1790, Sarah Francis, daughter of Joseph, of Newington, and his wife, Milly (Stoddard), born April 6th, 1769. He held the military rank of captain. His avocation is farming, and he inherited the old homestead of his father, in the south-west corner of the parish, since occupied by his son, Horace, Levi O. Smith, Kelly, and others. He was a large, portly man, of stern virtue and integrity, and was admitted to the church, May 26th, 1793. He made weavers’ reeds with tools used by his father, which were inherited by him from his grandfather, Deacon Thomas Hart, of the Great Swamp Society. The will or deed conveying the tools is dated March 14th, 1760, by which he gives them to his grandson, Elijah Hart, Jr. Aaron died July 2d, 1829, aged 67 years, 8 months, and 16 days. His wife died January 1st, 1847, aged 77 years, 8 months, and 25 days. She possessed a social, genial spirit, and was quick and active even in old age.


2201. Francis, born December 18th, 1791; married December 30th, 1812, Dolly Stanley.
2202. Chester, born February 7th, 1793; married September 19th, 1821, Hannah Wells; second
          Betsey, born           , 1795; baptized October 18th, 1795; died September 5th, 1798, aged 3 years.
2203. Sarah, born           , 1798; baptized April 29th, 1798; died June 24th, 1814, aged 16 years.
2204. Anson, born           ; baptized August 24th, 1800; died single May 13th, 1850, aged 51.
2205. Betsey, born February 26th, 1803; married April 10th, 1822, John Judd.
2206. Aaron, born November 25th, 1805; married November 27th, Abigail Andrews.
2207. Horace, born July 29th, 1808; married December 2d, 1831, Harriet J. Church.
2208. Walter, born           . He was a silver plater by trade, and died single September 10th, 1847, aged 40.

1898.                       New Britain, Conn.

SARAH HART, New Britain, eldest daughter of Deacon Elijah Hart, of Kensington and New Britain, and his wife, Sarah (Gilbert), born

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