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Charlotte Overton, daughter of Seth, of Chatham, Conn. They had no children.

1892˝.                           Natchez, Miss.

DOCTOR JAMES EVERLIN HART, Natchez, Miss., second son of Dr. John Hart, and his wife, Hannah (Williams), born November 8th, 1788, at Farmington. He first located in Wintonbury, (now Bloomfield,) Conn., and from thence he removed to Natchez, Miss., where he became a distinguished and successful physician. He died there of yellow fever, July 6th, 1823, aged 33 years. He left no family.

1893.                             Natchez, Miss.

DOCTOR JOHN ARIADNA HART, Natchez, Miss., third son of Dr. John Hart, of Farmington, and his wife, Hannah (Williams), born November 17th, 1790, at Farmington; married February 27th, 1815, Joanna Porter, daughter of Samuel, of Berlin, born March 20th, 1792, at Berlin, where he was a practicing physician until he removed to Natchez, where he became associated with his brother, James, and was highly successful until his premature death. He taught penmanship from Gettysburg to Tennessee. He was a botanist, and was familiar with plants—from the lichen on the bleak rock of the north, to the magnolia of the south. He died of yellow fever, October 23d, 1822, aged 32 years.


          Son, born March 2d, 1816, at Farmington; died March 3d, 1816, aged 28 hours.
2189. James Porter, born July 27th, 1817, at Farmington. He graduated at Yale College in 1840.
          John Linne, born at Natchez, March 6th, 1822; died July 30th, 1823, aged 1 year.

1893˝.                     Farmington, Conn.

ELIZABETH LAWRENCE HART, only daughter of Dr. John Hart, of Farmington, and his wife, Hannah (Williams), born April 9th, 1793, in Farmington, and died there November 13th, 1807, in her 15th year. A sermon was preached at her funeral by Rev. Noah Porter, D. D., from 1 Peter i. 24, 25—” For all flesh is as grass, and all the glory of man as the flower of grass. The grass withereth, and the flower thereof falleth away; but the word of the Lord endureth for ever.”

1894.                             Blendon, Ohio.

GIDEON WILLIAMS HART, Worthington, Ohio, fourth son of Doctor John Hart, of Farmington, and his wife, Hannah (Williams), born July

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