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Charlotte, born October 13th, 1842, died July 14th, 1867; 4, Roderick, born September 11th, 1845, married Ella Nettleton, of Durham; 5, Imogene, born March 13th, 1853, died July 2d, 1856, aged 3 years.

1886.                         Kensington, Conn.

ERA BENTON HART, Kensington, Conn., third son of Ebenezer Hart, of the same place, and his wife, Lydia (Benton), born at Kensington in 1779; married September 17th, 1810, Lydia Gilbert, daughter of John, and his wife, Anna Steele, born September 8th, 1791. He was a miller by occupation. He died June 10th, 1825, aged 46 years, and has a tombstone in the west cemetery at Kensington. His widow died June 17th, 1870, aged 78 years, 9 months, and 9 days.


2175. Elizabeth Lawrence, born , 1810; baptized June 7th, 1818; married Riley Gladden, of Iowa.
2176. Eliza Benton, born           , 1815; baptized June 7th, 1818; married Truman Cole, of Kensington.
2177. Jonathan Thomas, born December 2d, 1818; married June 3d, 1842, Maria Woodruff.

1887.                               Berlin, Conn.

LYDIA HART, Kensington, second daughter of Ebenezer Hart, of the same place, and his wife, Lydia (Benton), born at Kensington in 1780; married in 1834, Theron Hart, of New Britain, son of Benjamin, and his wife, Mary (Fuller), born December 29th, 1792, at New Britain. She was his second wife, and an adopted daughter of her uncle, Thomas Hart, of Kensington; and, as he was a bachelor, he made her his heir, so that his farm was inherited by her. The house was situated on the corner west of the old church, and south-east of the railroad depot in Berlin. She and her husband lived on this farm many years. They had no children. She died July 18th, 1850, aged 70 years. He has a grave-stone at the Bridge Cemetery in Worthington. Previous to this marriage and after her death he lived on Arch Street, in New Britain, and was a prominent member of the Methodist Church. He died at New Britain, January 16th, 1859, aged 76 years, 2 months, and 17 days.

1889.                 West Claremont, N. H.

ICHAB0D W. HART, West Claremont, Sullivan County, N. H., fourth son of Ebenezer Hart, of Kensington, and his wife, Lydia (Benton), born at Kensington in 1784. He went to Charlestown, N. H., with

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