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April 29th, 1771, at Kensington; married October 20th, 1805, Jedediah Gladden, who died in Kensington, February 6th, 1859, aged 78 years. She died October 6th, 1843, aged 73 years. There are tombstones in the grave-yard near the house of Merrit Cowles, Kensington, a parish of Berlin.

1782.                              Berlin, Conn.

OLIVE HART, Kensington, eldest daughter of Zachariah Hart, of the same place, and his wife, Abigail (Beckley), born at Kensington, and baptized there September 3 0th, 1759; married Solomon Flagg, son of Abijah, and his wife, Sarah (Clark), who was the widow of Joseph Bills. Mr. Flagg was born at Bristol, Conn., in 1758, and he and his wife were members of Berlin Church. They lived on the road leading from Hart Street to the church, in the house in which his father died, and where he himself died, September 9th, 1793, aged 35 years, when second she married Ithamar Morgan, and went to the Black River country. She died October 2d, 1833, aged 73 years. Mr. Flagg’s Will was made and proved October 7th, 1793, in which he says he gave his proportion for the support of his mother, and the balance he gave his four children, viz: Joseph, Sarah, Boxy, and Abijah. The house was old and small, and disappeared some fifty years since. Mr. Flagg’s father bought the place, containing two acres, of Mrs. Flagg’s father.

1783.                       Kensington, Conn.

CAROLINE HART, Kensington, second daughter of Zachariah Hart, of the same place, and his first wife, Abigail (Beckley), born October 21st, 1762, in that part of Middletown which is now in Berlin. She married           , Abel Hollister, of Kensington, who died there May 25th, 1809, aged 48. His widow died October 26th, 1841, aged 79 years. Tombstones in the south burial yard at Worthington show where they were buried. He was a son of Ephraim Hollister, and his wife, Ann Beckley, baptized February 15th, 1761, at Kensington.

1784.                               Berlin, Conn.

ABIGAIL HART, Worthington, Conn., third daughter of Zachariah Hart, and his first wife, Sarah (Parsons), born May 21st, 1768; married March 27th, 1788, Josiah Norton, who died, when second she married October 19th, 1804, Josiah Smith, who died April 9th, 1821, aged 66

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