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          Benjamin, born August 8th, 1812; died May 16th, 1815, in his 3d year.
1980. Baldwin, born March 12th, 1815; married December 23d, 1841, Charlotte J. Wells.
1981. William Winthrop, born March 19th, 1835; married July 14th, 1859, Roxanna Scranton.

1777½.                     Worthington, Conn.

DAVID HART, Jr., Worthington, Conn., only son and child of David Hart, Sr., and his wife, Lucy (Peck), born at Berlin; married Ann Benjamin. He died in 1783, when second she married           , Josiah Smith.


1982. Roxanna, born           ; married October 31st, 1799, Bridgman Brown.

1778.      Kensington, Southington, Conn.

HEZEKIAH HART, Kensington, eldest son of Hezekiah Hart, of the same place, and his wife, Abigail (Adkins), horn May 25th, 1758, at Kensington, and baptized there August 6th, 1758. He was non compos mentis, and was never married. He lived several years in the family of Roswell Moore, Esq., in the east part of Southington, where he was boarded out by the selectmen of Berlin, he in the mean time supposing himself on wages. Esquire Moore kept a herd of cows, which were milked in great part by females of the family, and as Hart was extremely fond of women, he claimed the privilege of carrying in the pails of milk, with which right if any of the masculine gender interfered, he became angry. It was his invariable custom to attend the yearly military regimental review, with his market basket in hand, and lay in a large stock of gingerbread, a part of which he distributed among his favorites of the female sex in his neighborhood—a card to each one. He was a tall, slim man, and was very irritable. He died at the house of Widow Folly Merriman, September 24th, 1840, aged 82 years.


LUCY HART, Kensington, eldest daughter of Hezekiah Hart, of the same place, and his wife, Abigail (Adkins), born August 10th, 1760, at Kensington; baptized there August 10th, 1760, by Rev. Samuel Clark. She was never married. She died there May 15th, 1791, in her 31st year. A tombstone in the cemetery near the house of Merrit Cowles, in Kensington, shows where she was buried.

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