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1968. George, born February 8th, 1794; married March 27th, 1818, Clarissa Parmela.
1969. Polly, born September 13th, 1797; married April 10th, 1817, Richard Fowler.
1970. Eliza, born, March, 1800; married August 31st, 1823, Stephen Trowbridge.

1773.                         Guilford, Conn.

JOHN HART, Guilford, third son aud youngest child of Thomas Hart, of the same town, and his wife, Concurrence (Bartlett), born January 15th, 1773, at Guilford, Conn.; married October 1st, 1803, Betsey Field, daughter of Luke, of Guilford. He died in 1858, aged 85 years.


1971. John, born May 15th, 1805. He was a mariner, and died in South America.
1972. Betsey, born January 29th, 1807; married January 4th, 1826, Daniel Loomis, of Guilford.
1973. Samuel S., born November 7th, 1808; married          , Mary Coulter.
1974. Julia, born January 5th, 1811; married William Fowle; second, Samuel C. Davis.
1975. Sarah E., born October 11th, 1814; married November 26th, 1839, Miles Dudley, of Guilford.
1976. Deborah, born April 27th, 1817; married May 5th, 1842, Benjamin Candee, of New Hampshire.
1977. Thomas, born August 8th, 1819; married          , Elizabeth Fuller.
1978. Elisha, born November 11th, 1823; married October l4th, 1862, Sarah FL Beardsley.
1979. Mary, born October 5th, 1826; married          , Oliver Brooks.

1777.                         Madison, Conn.

BENJAMIN HART, East Guilford, fifth son and youngest child of Benjamin Hart, of the same town., and his wife, Mabel (Fowler), born October 25th, 1772; married March 31st, 1804, Mary, daughter of Timothy Meigs, who died October 26th, 1809, aged 35 years, when second he married May 14th, 1811, Lucy Baldwin, daughter of Timothy, and his wife Olive (Norton), born July 9th, 1786, at Guilford. His residence was at Madison, and he became a deacon there. He died June 4th, 1852, in his 80th year. His widow died December 31st, 1861, aged 75 years 4 months, and 22 days.


          Mary, born March 31st, 1805; died September 26th, 1805.
          Mabel, born January 28th, 1808; died February 25th, 1826, aged 18 years.
          Mary, born September 16th, 1809; died March 13th, 1810.

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