to the Congregational Church in New Britain, April 2d, 1843; dismissed, and received into the Methodist Church, January 30th, 1856. Their residence is on the Berlin road, in the south part of the city. He is a jeweler, and works at the company’s factory. They have one daughter, Jennie Augusta, born July 15th, 1855.

1315.                       New Britain, Conn.

HENRY FRANKLIN HART, New Britain, Conn., eldest son of Adna Hart, of the same place, and his wife, Lydia (Pennfield), daughter of Nathaniel, born June 1st, 1829, at New Britain; married            , Eliza Steele, of Jefferson, and his wife, Betsey (Goff), of Kensington. He was a brass worker, and lived near his father, in the city. He died of consumption, February 13th, 1861, aged 33 years.


1584. William, born         , 1854, at Southington.
1585. Lilly, born         , 1860, at New Britain; died aged 5 years.

1316.                       New Britain, Conn.

JANE MELI5SE HART, New Britain, Conn., second daughter of Adna Hart, of the same place, and his wife, Lydia (Pennfield), born February 22d, 1833, at New Britain, and baptized there in 1841; married November 28th, 1854, Jonathan Nott, of Berlin, but in 1873 of New Britain. Their residence is on Prospect Street. They have no children. Mr. Nott has been a miller, and once owned the grist-mill at the south part of the town.

1319.                       New Britain, Conn.

GEORGE ADNA HART, New Britain, Conn., fourth son of Adna Hart, of the same place, and his wife, Lydia (Pennfield), born December 21st, 1850; baptized October 23d, 1851, at New Britain; married at New Haven, by Rev. Charles H. Buck, of the Methodist Church, May 5th, 1874, Florence Isabella Hunter, of Southington, Conn., daughter of Lowry, and his first wife, Harriet Maria (Jones), of Southington, born December 9th, 1852, at Southington, Conn. He is a mechanic, and lives in the city of New Britain.

1324.                   Oswego County, N. Y.

EDWARD BUEL HART, Scriba, N. Y., third son of Clement Hart, of Parma, N. Y., and his wife, Hancy (Walker), born October 11th, 1814,