1814, at Farmington; married June 18th, 1837, Charles P. James, born March 10th, 1815, at Hartford. He is a cabinet maker, and works at Unionville, where they live, and both are members of the Congregational Church. They have had two sons and three daughters, viz: .Josephine, Wellington, Roselle, Louisa, and Charles.

1134.                      New Britain, Conn.

CATHARINE HART, Farmington and New Britain, second daughter of Sidney Hart, Sr., of Farmington, and his wife, Clarissa (Clark), born October 2 8th, 1817; married March 1st, 1835, William Henry Grimes, son of Oliver, of Granby, and his wife, Olive (Gilbert), born June 10th, 1814, at Simsbury. They were married at Farmington, before Rev, Noah Porter, D. D. They had children, viz: George H., born January 25th, 1838; Belle V., born August 11th, 1844.

1134 7/8.                   Farmington, Conn.

SIDNEY HART, Farmington, eldest son of Sidney Hart, Sr., of the same place, and his wife, Clarissa (Clark), born June 3d, 1819, at Farmington; married in 1840, Lydia W. Griswold, daughter of Wait, of Rocky Hill, and his wife, Lydia (Wright), born January 19th, 1822. He learned the trade of wheelwright of his father. They reside on Mountain Street, Farmington, he has his shop near the meeting-house, and he is sexton and undertaker to the same.


1472. Frances, born August 19th, 1841; married January 26th, 1870, Horton Hoskins, of Bloomfield.
1473. Albert Willys, born November 5th, 1842; married January 20th, 1867, Catharine Lewis.
1474. Sarah Jane, born November 7th, 1846; married January 4th, 1870, James Bond, of England.
          Alonzo James, born Feb. 14th, 1849; died July 29th, 1852, at Farmington.
          Jennie Amelia, born January 5th, 1852.
          Alonzo James, 2d, born May 6th, 1855.
          Kate Adell, born April 24th, 1857.

1134 9/10.                   Farmington, Conn.

HIRAM WINCHELL HART, Farmington, youngest son of Sidney Hart, Sr., of the same town, and his wife, Clarissa (Clark), born February 11th, 1825, at Farmington; married November 25th, 1847, Frances Fidelia Palmer, daughter of Amos, of West Hartford, and his wife, Electa (Wells), born March. 21st, 1828, He is a joiner by trade and