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1094.                          Simsbury, Conn.

ELLEN MARIA HART, third daughter of Edmund Hart, of New Britain, and his wife, Mehitabel (Dewey), born June 12th, 1839, at New Britain, Conn.; married January 12th, 1860, Richard Wallace Cornish, of Simsbury, son of James D., and his wife, Roxy (Humphrey), born September 29th, 1835, at Simsbury, Conn. They have no children.

1095.                      New Britain, Conn.

WILLIAM H. HART, second son of George Hart, of New Britain, and his second wife, Elizabeth F. (Booth), daughter of Cyrus, born July 25th, 1834, at New Britain; married September 19th, 1855, Martha Peck, daughter of Elnathan, and his wife, Mary (Dewey), born May 12th, 1837, at New Britain. He is superintendent of the Stanley Works in New Britain, and one of the stockholders of the firm. He now owns and occupies the Dr. Woodruff place, next to his father, on the west side of Main Street, in the center of the city. He has great capacity and dispatch in business oper- ations. Their children were all born at New Britain, and are all living, November, 1874.


1439. Charles William, born August 8th, 1858; baptized April 29th, 1859.
1440. George Peck, born August 22d, 1860; baptized March 3d, 1861.
1441. Howard Stanley, born July 9th, 1867; baptized May 3d, 1868.
1442. Martha Elizabeth, born May 9th, 1869; baptized November 7th, 1869.
1443. Edward Herbert, born October 12th, 1870; baptized May 28th, 1871.
1444. Maxwell Stansbury, born April 15th, 1873; baptized May 3d, 1874, by Rev. Mr. Griffin, Pastor.
1445. Walter H., born August 4th, 1874.

1096.                      New Britain, Conn.

ELIZABETH MARIA HART, eldest daughter of Philip Hart, of New Britain, and his, wife. Maria (Judd), born October 22d, 1832, at New Britain; married October 2 7th, 1852, William Burritt, of New Britain, son of William, and his wife, Clarissa (Cole), of Kensington, born July 17th, 1830, at New Britain. They reside with her father, on Seymour Street, New Britain, in 1874. They hadó1, Ella Elizabeth, born January 16th, 1854; 2, Thomas; born January 20th, 1864. Both children were born at New Britain. The father is a mechanic, and was second lieutenant of Company G., Sixth Regiment Connecticut Volunteers. The mother was admitted to the Center Church, June 6th, 1858.

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