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1012.    Farmington, New Britain, Conn.

ROSANNA HART seventh daughter of Bethel Hart, of New Britain, and his first wife, Huldah (Steele), born May 3d, 1807, at Ncw Britain; married in 1827, Joseph Yemons, of Farmington, who died, when second she married in 1835, Moses Bachelder, who was admitted to the church in New Britain July 19th, 1846. She united with the church in Farmington, April 1st, 1827, and was admitted, by letter from that church, to the church in New Britain, July 19th, 1846. He was born March 7th, 1809 and died February 6th, 1867, at New Haven. They had issue, viz: Victoria Bachelder, born Sep- tember 21st, 1839, married Eli W. Bassett; Burgess Bachelder, born 1842.

1013.                      New Britain, Conn.

CAROLINE UPSON HART, eighth and youngest daughter of Bethel Hart, of New Britain, Conn., and his first wife, Huldah (Steele), born September 16th, 1809 at New Britain; marricd July 3d, 1828, Dennis, son of James Sweet of Farmington, and his wife, Esther (Bidwell), born July 13th, 1807, at Farmington. He is a shoe-maker by trade and avocation, and holds the office of captain in the militia. Their residence is on Elm Street, in the city of New Britain. She united with the church, February 4th, 1827, and he united, April 4th, 1841, and both were admitted to the South Congregational Church in 1842. They had children, viz: Francis James, Charles Harvey, Helen Augusta Sweet, born January 18th, 1848, married December 7th, 1864, Stephen B. Peck, of Winsted.

1015.                      New Britain, Conn.

LUCINA HART, New Britain, second daughter of Joel Hart, of Farmington, and. his wife Huldah (Woodruff), of Northington, born there February 4th, 1784; married in 1815, Richard Gillet, son of Aaron, of Wintonbury, now Bloomfield. He is a joiner by avocation, and lives on Maple Street New Britain. She died in 1833, aged 49 years, when second he married Julia Boardman, of Wethersfield. Her child, Ruby, married James Orton, of Rome, N. Y.

1017.                              Parma, N. Y.

CLEMENT HART, Parma, N. Y., fourth son of Seth Hart, of Bethlehem, N Y., and his wife, Anna (Miller), born about 1789, at Bethle-

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