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died June 23d, 1852, aged. 67. She had by Pennfield, Caroline Elvira, William, and Caroline 2d; by Mather She had Silas Hart, Caroline, George W., John Newton, and Henry Franklin.

1006.                      New Britain, Conn.

NANCY HART, New Britain, second daughter of Bethel Hart, of the same town, and his first wife, Huldah (Steele), born January 2d, 1790, at New Britain; married April 26th, 1809, Sheldon, son of Noah Upson, of Plymouth, and his wife, Rachel (Frisbee), born March 24th, 1785. He was a butcher and stone mason, and lived in Stanley Quarter. He was admitted to the church in New Britain, August 5th, 1821. She was admitted, January 6th, 1805. He died March 4th, 1838, aged 53. She was living at West Meriden in 1873. They had Harriet Eliza, married George Stannard, of Southington; Julia Ann, married Homer Curtiss, of Meriden; Jane Nancy, married November 9th, 1841, William L. Coan, of Guilford, Conn.

1007.                      New Britain, Conn.

SARAH SAGE HART, third daughter of Bethel Hart, of New Britain, and his first wife, Huldah (Steele), born 1794; married February 25th, 1816, Henry, Son of Seth Root, and his wife, Tryphena (Warner), born at Farmington in 1797. She died May 15th, 1837, aged 43 years. They had children, viz: Henry, Mary, William, Frederic H., and Amelia, who married Stephen Hubbard, of Birmingham, Conn. Their eldest, Henry, died, aged 2 years.

1008.              Avon, Kensington, Conn.

BETSEY HART, fourth daughter of Bethel Hart, of New Britain, Conn,, and his first wife, Huldah (Steele), born September 28th, 1797, at New Britain; married May 11th, 1813, Romanta Woodford, of Avon, Conn. He was a farmer. Late in life they removed to Kentucky, where their son, Newton, located, and engaged in the brass business with J. T. Hart & Co. Mrs. Woodford was a member of the church in Avon. She was a wonderful woman to dispatch work. She died January 2d, 1873. He died July 20th, 1873, aged 81 years, They had Eveline, Norman, Maryette, Newton, Isaac, Edwin, Julian, Rollin, Louisa, Henry M., Shelden.

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