865.                          New Britain, Conn.

GEORGE HART, New Britain, third son of Stephen Hart, of the same town, and his wife, Sally (White), born March 16th, 1801, at New Britain; married March 2d, 1826, Mary Griswold, daughter of Ebenezer Andrews, and his wife, Mary (Griswold), born October 22d, 1809. She died August 10th, 1831, aged 23 years, when second he married September 11th, 1832, Elizabeth F., daughter of Cyrus Booth, and his wife, Nancy (North), born October 31st, 1811. She died of consumption, April 25th, 1862, aged 50 years. He was a shoe-maker by trade, but is engaged in teaming and staging, in which he has been successful. His residence is west of Central Park, in the city. He married third on the 6th of May, 1863, Elizabeth, widow of William Ferry, of South Windsor, and daughter of Job Elsworth, of East Windsor, and his wife, Laura (Osborn), born September 21st, 1823.


           Charles, born        , 1827; died February 27th, 1837, aged 10 years.
1095. William Henry, born July 25th, 1834; married September 19th, 1855, Martha Peck, daughter of Elnathan.

866.                                Lenox, Mass.

EMILY HART, New Britain, only daughter of Stephen Hart, of the same town, and his wife, Sally (White), born March 15th, 1804, at New Britain. She married September 21st, 1822, Erastus Parker, of Lenox, Mass., son of Richard, of East Haddam, and his wife, Elizabeth (Ellis), born January 5th, 1800, at Bristol, Conn. He was a tanner and currier by trade and avocation, and died November 17th, 1865. They had—1, Sarah Ann, born November 9th, 1825, married March 25th, 1856, J. F. Bassett; 2, Julia Amelia, born December 24th, 1827, died August 13th, 1829; 3, Emily, born May 7th, 1830, died January, 1832; 4, Elizabeth Mary, born November 24th, 1832; 5, William, born December 17th, 1838, and was a graduate of Williams College; married June 30th, 1869, Caroline R. Stansbury; 6, Hattie Amelia, born January 18th, 1847.

867.                       New Britain, Conn.

PHILIP HART, New Britain, fourth son of Stephen Hart, of the same place, and his wife, Sally (White), born June 25th, 1805, at New Britain; married November 16th, 1831, Maria Judd, daughter of William and his wife, Polly (Eddy), born October 22d, 1812, at New Britain. He is a shoe-maker by trade; and lived on East Street until 1871, when