863.                      New Britain, Conn.

STEPHEN HART, Jr., New Britain, Conn., eldest son of Stephen Hart, of the same place, and his wife, Sally (White), born February 19th, 1798, at New Britain; married August 24th, 1818, Cynthia Steele, danghter of William, and his wife, Beccarena (Pennfield), born April 8th, 1796. He was a farmer and butcher, and lived some years on the old homestead of his ancestors, when he sold, and bought in the village of New Britain, where Rev. Mr. Nichols owns in 1874. He died September 6th, 1846, aged 49 years. She died April 4th, 1869, aged 78 years.


           Infant, born         ; died March 29th, 1822.
1085. Fidelia, born June 7th, 1820; married October 22d, 1846, Mansfield Stacy, of Springfield, Penn;
1086. Nancy, born October 26th, 1822; married July 31st, 1839, Dr. William Allen.
1087. Emily Parker, born May 8th, 1823; married April 13th, 1845, John Proffitt, of Hartford.
1088. Maria, born March 11th, 1827; married. October 1st, 1848, Alien Stacy, of Springfield, Penn.
1089. Sarah E., born February 11th, 183J; married November 14th, 1857, Asa Sheldon Parsons.
1090. Frederick, born August 20th, 1840. He was a soldier, and was killed in North Carolina, January 30th, 1863.
           Harriet, born, March, 1836; died April 18th, 1839, aged 3 years.
           Charles, born March 8th, 1838; died February 28th, 1839.

864.                      New Britain, Conn.

EDMUND HART, New Britain, Conn., second son of Stephen, of New Britain, and his wife, Sally (White), born April 23d, 1799, at New Britain; married June 2d, 1824, Mehitabel Dewey, daughter of Josiah, and his wife, Me- hitabel (Kilbourn), born January 28th, 1797, at New Britain. He lived in various localities, and was a brass founder by trade, which he learned of Cyrus Stanley, in Stanley Quarter. He died January 25th, 1854, aged 54 years. She was admitted to the Congregational Church in New Britain, January 4th, 1829, and died May 26th, 1856, aged 59 years.


1091. Antoinette, born April 11th, 1825; married May 24th, 1846, Andrew Rapelye.
1092. Adeline, born March 21st, 1827; married November 26th, 1845, Levi W. Wells, of Wethersfield.
1093. Julia Ann, born March 24th, 1832; married April 10th, 1850, Oscar Butler, and was divorced.
1094. Ellen Maria, born June 12th, 1838; married January 12th, 1860, Richard Wallace Cornish.