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tion, was wounded by the British at King's Bridge, and died in the hospital at Stamford, Conn., February 10th, 1777, in his 18th year.

802.                         New Britain, Conn.

BETHEL HART, New Britain, third son of Joseph Hart, of Northington, and his wife, Ann (Barnes), of Southington, born November, 1702; baptized November 28th, 1762, at Avon, by Rev. Ebenezer Booge; married June 24th, 1784, Huldah, daughter of Ebenezer Steele, of New Britain, and his wife, Sarah (Sage), born 1767; baptized January 3d, 1768, at Kensington. He was a farmer, but later in life he became a peddler. His house was opposite the residence of Captain Elam Slater, on Horse Plain. He was lame in one hip late in life, which led him to sell tin and pewter ware for a living. He and his wife, Huldah, were both members of Dr. Smalley's church, and likewise his second wife. His first wife died September 28th, 1810, aged 44, when second he married, May 16th, 1811, the Widow Nancy Seeley, of Rocky Hill. Mr. Hart died December 25th, 1824, aged 62, when she married third, Elias Brown, of Farmington, son of Ephraim, of Windsor, Conn. She died June 8th, 1850, aged 85 years.


1005. Huldah, born October 18th, 1786; married Mnrch 1st, 1804, Silas Pennfield.
1006. Nancy, born January 2d, 1790; married April 26th, 1809, Sheldon Upson.
1007. Sarah Sage, born         , 1794; baptized July 27th, 1794; married February 25th, 1816, Henry Root.
1008. Betsey, born September 28th, 1797; married May 11th, 1818, Romanta Woodford, of Avon.
1009. Lavinia, born December 1st, 1798; married December 5th, 1819, Silas Goff, Jr., of West Springfield.
1010. Salome, born August 14th, 1801; married January 30th, 1882, Henry, son of James Judd.
1011. Adna, born January 28th, 1804; married March 20th, 1825, Lydia Pennfield.
          Daniel, born         ; baptized June 3d, 1806; died June 4th, 1806.
1012. Rosanna, born May 3d, 1807; married         , Joseph Yemons; second,         .
1013. Caroline Upson, born September 16th, 1809; married July 3d, 1828, Dennis Sweet.

803.                       Farmington, Conn.

AZUBA HART, Farmington, youngest daughter of Joseph Hart, of Northington, and his wife, Ann (Barnes), of Southington, born September 28th, 1765, at Northington; married                 , Eben Thompson, of Farmington, Conn.

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