754.                               Candor, N. Y.

JAMES GRIDLEY HART, youngest son and child of Samuel Hart, of Farm- ington, and his wife, Lydia (Gridley), born 1763; baptized May 21st, 1764, at Northington, Conn.; married April 24th, 1783, Loraine Derrin, of Northington, born 1766. Mr. Hart was a farmer by avocation, and died in 1850, aged 87 years. They removed to Candor, Tioga County, N. Y. She was a sister of Timothy Derrin, of Avon, and died in 1840, aged 74 years.


882. Terency, born          , 1783, at Avon, Conn.; married          , 1810, Sally Smith.

755.                        Farmington, Conn.

ABIGAIL HART, of Farmington, eldest daughter of Stephen Hart, of the same town, and his wife, Abigail (Gridley), born March 18th, 1751, at Farmington; married              , Seth North, son of Timothy and Hannah North, of Farmington, born 1752, at Farmington. She is called Abigail Bidwell in the Manuscript Genealogy of the North family, by Rev, William S. Porter, who says her life was greatly embittered by the cruel treatment of her husband, who seems to have been a hardened profligate. She died in 1813, aged 62 years. He died in 1822, aged 70 years. They had one son, Jay, born              , 1779; married Catharine Provost. She had seven children. He died in 1815, aged 36 years.

759.                        Farmington, Conn.

GAD HART, Farmington, only son of Stephen Hart, of the same town, and his wife, Abigail (Gridley), born March 2 4th, 1759, at Farmington; married              , Lorana Winchell, born August 11th, 1759. Mr. Hart was a wheelwright by trade and avocation, and lived on High Street, in Farmington Village, where his wife died, March 28th, 1809, aged 49 years, 7 months, 17 days, when second he married          , 1812, Lucina S. Burr. He died October 4th, 1830, aged 71 years, 4 months, 10 days.


883. Stephen W., born June 14th, 1781; married          , Sally Bruce.
884. Caty, born April 17th, 1783; married           Buck, father of Daniel, of Hartford.
         Nancy, born April 17th, 1783; died February 28th, 1809.
885. Julius, born November 17th, 1787; married          , Harriet Prior Bruce, of Hartford.
886. Sidney, born October 18th, 1789; married November 13th, 1811, Clarinda S. Clark.
887. Hiram, born September 30th, 1791; married          , 1822, Sarah N. Woodford.